Top 22 viral holiday videos of all time

December 19, 2013

We’re right in the midst of the holiday season. It’s a time for giving…and a time for sharing. Sharing videos. Since Youtube started in 2005, the holiday season has become perhaps the biggest opportunity to maximize your video marketing outcomes. Regardless of whether your holiday video has a touch of humor, emotion, or is just […]


We’re right in the midst of the holiday season. It’s a time for giving…and a time for sharing. Sharing videos.

Since Youtube started in 2005, the holiday season has become perhaps the biggest opportunity to maximize your video marketing outcomes. Regardless of whether your holiday video has a touch of humor, emotion, or is just flat out silly, it’s an opportunity to engage with your customers, build brand awareness, and spread the holiday joy! It’s also a great time to slightly step out of your comfort zone and play with stories, ideas, and video types, that you might not normally use. For example, your company might not have done an animated video before but animation is a great tool for effective storytelling. It’s fun, allows for you to connect with any audience type, and a useful tool for your video marketing campaigns and holiday videos! You’ll notice many of the videos below use animation to tell their story and were quite successful. 

Whatever goals that you have for your brand in 2020, you don’t want to skip your holiday video.

Take a look at our favorite holiday videos from this season and checkout some of the classics as well. If we missed one, or if you’re interested in creating your own holiday video, let us know!



IKEA: Silence the Critics #WonderfulEveryday

When it comes to hosting, we all have those little voices in the back of our heads that say our home isn’t up to the job. And whether it’s the chipped mug, the crack in the wall, the weirdly shaped bathroom, or the living room that has as much personality as a cardboard box, the voices seem to zoom in on our biggest fears and magnify them until we declare our home a no-go zone. But at IKEA, we believe every home is worthy of a get together and that with a little imagination and some clever IKEA products and ideas, there’s no reason not to host. In this campaign we want to inspire the nation to get their homes party ready. And Silence The Critics, once and for all.

Why we love it: First of all, it’s creative and unlike any other holiday video we’ve seen in a long time. Next, their messaging is on point for their brand. The above summary was pasted from their video directly, and they clearly paint a picture, outline their goals, and launch a pretty catchy campaign. We love videos that have clear messaging and strategic distribution plans… and the catchy soundtrack doesn’t hurt. 

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Uniting Through Traditions

Of all the Christmas traditions around the world, one rises above. Christmas should be spent with the ones that you love. So in the spirit of Christmas, WestJet surprised these lucky guests in a way that they will remember. 

Why we love it: If you’re unfamiliar with the WestJet holiday videos, brace yourselves and grab some tissues. Frankly, it’s an extravagant idea that’s fun to watch but the video strategy is a classic as well. WestJet uses social media videos as a means to connect to their audience/passengers. The stories that they tell through their holiday videos play a specific role in their video marketing campaigns. Most companies can learn from this type of campaign and we love videos that have a clear purpose.

Heineken: Festive Holiday Troubles

The festive season is a time that everyone looks forward to, but sometimes it doesn’t quite go how you want it. Holiday troubles are part of tradition.  

Why we love it: Heineken takes a unique approach to a holiday videos. We love that they capitalize on the stresses of the holidays and promote their brand in the process.

Hallmark: Warm Their Hearts

The right words can brighten anyone’s holiday season. See what can happen when you care enough to open your heart, and share a card that’s certain to help warm theirs. 

Why we love it: Even with a simple premise, this story is extremely relatable (bad neighbors, people unwilling to let others in, etc.). The commercial itself is not overbearing, it’s simple, but with a big message that resonates. It’s good storytelling and we love that.

Apple: Share your Gifts

A young creative soul, Sofia, spends her free time at her Macbook, working away at… something. Like many, (OK, all) creatives, she’s reluctant to share what she is making but it’s clearly a project that absorbs her thoughts and free time. Her dog helps share her masterpieces with the world and she can finally break free of the shackles she put on herself and take pride in her work.

Why we love it: The best part of every story is when you finally get to share it. As a brand, Apple does a great job covering all of the basics of a holiday video and they inspire their audience to take action, and we a video that drives results, is a video we love.

Bouygues: We Love Technology

Here’s a story about a father and son over the years and how technology keeps them connected. 

Why we love it: Talk about relatable. Storytelling is an art but having a story that resonates with your audience, is key. Holidays are a time for love, family, nostalgia, and in this case, a killer brand awareness video. 

Petco: Holiday Wishes 

This holiday video shares how one family comes together to change an animal’s life. A young boy who at first has his eye on a shiny red bicycle, does the unexpected. His heartwarming actions show us that it’s not always about what we get that matters but what we’re able to give instead. By doing what he believes will make a difference, he creates a lasting bond that impacts his entire family. 

Why we love it: Well first off, puppies so that’s awesome. Also, a heartfelt message with a clear call to action will get results. We love that!

Microsoft: Reindeer Games (When Everybody Plays, We All Win)

Owen is an inspirational and passionate young gamer about to beat the game with his friends. 

Why we love it: Microsoft does a great job using this holiday video as a method to explain both their mission (inclusion) and their product (the adaptive controller). We love videos that tell a compelling story, share your message authentically, and achieve strategic marketing goals. 

Google: Home Alone

In this nostalgic ad, the beloved child actor reprises his role as Kevin McCallister and reenacts several scenes from the 1990 hit movie Home Alone using the Google Home.

Why we love it: An updated twist on a Christmas classic. At 522, we love a good parody (I mean, have you SEEN our social media) but the Make Google Do It campaign is pretty funny. What we love about this video is that they really customized their message to their buyers which every good video campaign should do.

The Late Late Show with James Corden: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ Carpool Karaoke

James Corden and Michael Buble kick off a holiday mashup of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” with the musicians who joined James for Carpool Karaoke in 2018, including Migos, Cardi B, Paul McCartney, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Barbra Streisand, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera.

Why we love it: This is a fun way to leverage existing marketing strategies, and give them a holiday spin! What we really love about the video is that it’s also a fun recap of their year of Carpool Karaoke. Videos are an excellent way to recap the year, share your companies, progress, and set the tone for the new year! Many companies do an end of the year newsletter, why not try a video and make a larger impact?

Target: Thinking of You

There is a lot of work that goes into preparing for the holiday season. This video is Target’s way of letting their audience know that they have everything to help make those moments a little more special. 

Why we love it: It’s a light-hearted ad, targeted towards their holiday shoppers (pun intended). Holidays are a great reason to reach out to your customers and maintain your brand awareness. Most companies take advantage of holidays to update their messaging and promotions. It’s a classic marketing tactic that any company, large or small, can use successfully. 

Amazon: Everybody Needs Somebody 

It’s the time of year to get together. And the Amazon boxes are back singing with everybody who’s in the festive spirit.

Why we love it: Another fun example from well-known brand about how effective holiday messaging can be for your customers. It’s not so much that Amazon is promoting anything specific, instead, they are promoting their brand. These videos are great for top-of-the-funnel needs and videos that consider the customer’s entire journey with your brand, is a video that we support!

Erste Group: What Would Christmas Be Without Love

Watch the new Erste Christmas online ad, the story about the little hedgehog. A story about the power of love, of believing in yourself, and in the good of others. No matter how insurmountable an obstacle may seem: love will find its way.

Why we love it: Holiday videos are fun because they give your company an opportunity to play with new video ideas that otherwise, your brand might not attempt. For Erste Group, they took this opportunity to be storytellers, play with animation, and share a message with their audience. We love that this brand took a risk with this video and made a huge impact in the process.

Tesco: #DeliveringChristmas

A Tesco delivery driver takes an unexpected detour through time, embarking upon 100 years of #DeliveringChristmas in one magical night. Loaded with a van full of ‘food from the future,’ he might just make a few historic deliveries along the way.

Why we love it: See, we told you nostalgia is a fun holiday tactic, especially when it also celebrates your company’s milestone. By now, I think you know we love videos that have a clear message, compelling story, and authentic customer connection. 

Spain Lottery: #Justino 

The animated film, “#Justino,” features a security guard at a mannequin factory. Since Justino works the graveyard shift, he has very few chances to interact with his coworkers. With a little bit of creativity, Justino devises ways to connect with his colleagues by using the factory’s mannequins to create situations both amusing and moving. His coworkers appreciate his playfulness each morning, and find a way to repay his generous spirit in kind.

A national tradition since 1812, Spaniards look forward to the annual Christmas lottery even if it means standing in line for hours to purchase the tickets. It’s common to “share” the lottery by buying “participaciones,” or “shared tickets” at offices, with friends and family, and at bars. The belief is that the Christmas lottery is unique because it’s one that Spaniards participate in together, and if they win, they win together.

Why we love it: Well besides the fact that now I want to move to Spain and buy lottery tickets every day, what’s not to love? Animation is a powerful tool that can build stories and characters that are relatable and powerful props for your brand. This campaign was so successful, that these characters and the factory now have their own social media accounts where they engage with their advocates daily. We love this video because it’s an incredible illustration of the power of great storytelling and a talented production.

BBC One: Wonderland 

BBC One’s #Christmas short film, Wonderland – a story about rediscovering the joy of spending time together, as time stands still for a mother and son.

Why we love it: This one really hits the feels. What we love about this video is the creativity. Many holiday videos capitalize on spending time with family but this is a story that sends you into a virtual reality, forcing you to see the big picture. The beauty of a holiday video is that the magic is on your side so be creative!

EDEKA: #heimkommen (Come Home)

In this heart-wrenching video, the German grocery store, Edeka, uses the traditional family dinner (and a dramatic plot twist) to position itself as an integral player in your successful holiday.

Why we love it: *STILL WEEPING*

OK, this one is tough, so we’re just going to say it…. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO EXIST? You will never be the same after this one, which is why we love it. This is a powerful story with a clear lesson. As we’ve mentioned, holiday videos can be an opportunity to extend your reach and audience through stories. This German store became storytellers and built an engaging campaign around it. They extended their reach, engaged with their audience around the world, and left us all ugly crying. 

Also, don’t forget to call the mom and dads today. 

McDonalds: #ReindeerReady

Apparently, children around the world have been forgetting to leave a snack for the reindeer when they lay out cookies and milk for Santa. Of course, being the OG gift giver, Mr. Claus can’t stand for that and heads off to the nearest McD’s to clean them out of pick up some crunchy carrots for his flying friends.

Why we love it: Honestly, we needed something super light-hearted after that last one but talk about a top-of-the-funnel campaign. Every company, even McDonalds, needs updated top-funnel material. The #ReindeerReady campaign was just that. The commercial was targeted as a reminder that McDonald’s is always there when you need them but they accompanied this campaign with a snapchat filter, a social media contest, and a virtual reality game. We love this video because besides the fact that we see a well-known company honoring the video marketing funnel, they also remind us of the importance of strategically supporting your video efforts across multiple platforms and initiatives. 

Heathrow: The Heathrow Bears Return

When the bears realize Christmas isn’t much fun away from home in the Florida Keys, they jet home to England (via Heathrow of course) to reunite with their family over the festive period. Added bonus: gifts at Duty Free! Save those pennies, retired bears!

Why we love it: The Heathrow Bears have made several holiday appearances for Heathrow airport. We love this video because it’s a fun story and we love seeing companies enhance previous campaigns. When you have something that works, don’t start over, move forward!

ALDI: Santa Crashes Christmas

Santa’s been found in the outback of Australia. He crash-landed in Woop Woop and was welcomed in with open arms by the local community, because it’s always the more the merrier at Christmas with ALDI.

Why we love it: ALDI does an excellent job establishing a sense of community in this video and attributing that to their brand. A mission video video plays an important part in any video marketing campaign and we love that Aldi used Christmas to share brand objectives.  

John Lewis & Partners: The Boy and the Piano

This year’s story is about the power of a gift. And how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little boy’s life. That little boy just happens to be Elton John. The film begins in the present day and works backwards chronologically through Elton’s life right until the moment on Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.

Why we love it: This chain of employee-owned department stores uses a well-known figure to share the beauty of gift-giving. Now, we don’t believe that a powerful video needs to have a celebrity or an insane budget (we assume this one was costly). However, we love this promotional video because the story allows for the audience to relate to an icon. Video is a powerful medium and can achieve tremendous connections, if done correctly. We appreciate the connection that this brand created and how they leveraged video to make that happen.

Sainsbury: The Big Night

Starring an eight year old star giving the performance of her life, all for her mom. The Show tells the story of the North Star overcoming her nerves to deliver a performance of a lifetime, to the amazement of mom. She is supported by a huge cast of 59 kids aged 6-11, all dressed as a variety of Christmas staples – including a turkey drummer and set of Christmas lights (plug included). The cast all dance and sing along as the stage transforms to reveal a 40ft Christmas tree and a 14ft glitter-filled gravy boat.

Why we love it: The supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s has created a reputation on their holiday videos. Now, because their community looks forward to their holiday ads, the brand took it to the next level. We love this video because it directly engages with their local communities and talent. They threw a surprise show for the community and turned it into a brand awareness video campaign that lasted them all season. Now that’s just fun for everyone.


Sometimes it’s difficult to think about video and how your company can leverage the immense opportunity. The examples above show that especially through the holidays, videos can be your company’s medium to connect with your audience, build brand awareness, promote products or campaigns, share stories, and make an impact on the community. We understand that these ideas are hard to come by and can be a daunting task for any business. However, through our 15 years of video production, we’ve honed the unique skills required for great storytelling and leveraged our 522-specific tactics to create meaningful and creative concepts for our clients. 

With 522 Productions, you’re gaining a video production partner. We’re invested in your success and we can bring these ideas to life for your company. Maximizing the benefits of video does not have to be so intimidating and with us, it won’t be.


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Why we love it: We love making videos. Whether it’s funny, goofy, serious, inspired, innovative etc. we’re excited to make an impact and find creative ways to share a story.

Happy holidays from 522!