A slider acts as a dolly for smaller cameras which allows the director to achieve more interesting shots. Watch almost any big budget movie and the camera hardly ever stays still. By simply adding movement to an image where you can push-in or pull-out with different speeds you can achieve an emotional impact that can illustrate your message without dialogue. These camera movements make a big difference when it comes to the quality of a video and will allow your project to rise above most videos online today.



Sliders are great for b-roll shots ( By adding a slider you add a tool that can reveal subjects and scenes, give a unique perspective, and make any object more appealing. Something like establishing a building or sign can be very dull as a static shot but by using a slider and moving the camera on an x-axis it creates a thing called parallax, where objects in the foreground and background appear to move at different speeds thereby creating an image that is more impactful.



Sliders are also great for interviews ( Most of the time viewers see a talking head on screen but by moving the camera and adding a counter-pan a talking head becomes something more dynamic and creates a certain aesthetic most interviews lack.



When it comes to production budgets there are many things to think about. Even when a budget is limited you want to achieve a certain value. The great thing about sliders is that the production value of a slider on set is much higher that it’s actual cost. Depending on how heavy the camera in use is most slider rentals range from $70 to $300 dollars a day, which is minimal compared to the valued result you achieve. They are also light and in most cases attach to a tripod which allows the production to keep moving and most importantly stay on schedule.

Check out the video below that showcases some of 522’s favorite slider shots we shot throughout the year. And in the spirit of the holidays we shall use the majesty of song to illustrate our point. Enjoy.