In fact, a recent report from the PRSA 2013 International Conference in Philadelphia revealed that press releases with accompanying videos received 55.4 percent more views than those without one. This is causing many brands to re-evaluate their strategies. Why? Because brands have already invested in the creative process of making a video, and they want to minimize the extra cost to optimize and distribute a video news release.

Aside from more views, videos with a press release also got 36.1 percent more click links. This boosts referral traffic and results in longer viewing time on any given brand’s website. What’s even more interesting is that both the video and press release continued to drive traffic long after they were originally posted online. What does this mean for consumers?


This is just a testament to the power of integrated marketing. By combining the power of your various marketing strategies, you can create a strong online foundation that attracts and retains customers. When it comes to integrating various components of your online marketing, few combinations are as strong as video content coupled with a press release. Here’s why:

  1. Increased exposure. Since both video content and press releases have the goal of garnering exposure for your brand, combining the two results in increased discovery. With two pieces of content, there’s more opportunity for consumers to stumble upon and discover your brand. When these pieces are integrated, the results are even more drastic.
  2. Improved conversion rates. If the content of your press release and video complement each other, they’ll help consumers make their decision as they consider whether or not a product is right for their needs. Two strategic pieces of content will generally help guide consumers to a point where they develop a relationship with your brand.
  3. Retention. First impressions are powerful. If a video and accompanying press release is the first impression that a consumer has of your brand, they’ll have a positive image of your business. Since consumers rely on emotion and positive association as they make purchasing decisions, a well-done video campaign can drive incredible results for your brand.

Furthermore, the benefit of using a press release is that it might be picked up by other publications. This increases the exposure for both your brand and your video content. By getting your content in front of as many people as possible, you ensure that you video has the chance to generate the response you want. This also gives your brand the opportunity to build links and get more consumers visiting your site and checking out your video. So the next time you release a video, consider integrating it with a press release to drive traffic, attention, and your brand messaging.

Have you considered publishing a press release for your latest video content?