The New Mac Pro Website




Just so you know, this isn’t a post about the new Mac Pro’s specs and features. I actually wanted to talk about something that impressed me more than the computer. It’s the website that Apple developed for the launch. In my opinion, the site is about as sleek as the computer itself. You can check out the site here. Based on my initial experience with the site, here are a few key things I noticed:



What I enjoyed most about the site was the simplicity. Now, I’m not saying this was a simple design or code, but the information was displayed in a simple way and everything was in one place. I liked that I didn’t have to click onto links or other pages to continue reading about the product specs. A simple downward scroll got me to each page and included an elegant animation – providing more information than a typical picture.


Apple products are known for being sleek and attractive. The Mac Pro site is no exception. Each time you scroll down there is a very smooth animation that gives you a look into the new machine. The text is white on the solid black background which gives it a nice contrast. There aren’t a lot of clouded images and the site doesn’t have an abundance of text. Essentially, everything on the page is meant to be there – it has a purpose.

Room for Additional Content

Since the product was just announced, there is only a certain amount of information given at this point. Once Apple releases more information (such as videos and pricing), it seems like that information will naturally fit into the existing design. It wouldn’t ruin the flow to add a video or two while scrolling down the page. Ultimately, the site focuses on the user experience and is a good foundation for future updates.


Although the site hit a homerun with the three attributes listed above, I did notice it wasn’t truly “responsive”. If you checkout the site on your mobile device, it won’t adapt to the screen. You’ll still see the full site – without enlarged navigation, tightened content, etc. Overall, I was surprised by this move.

Overall, this was a well constructed product page. I feel it gives potential customers a sleek website that is easy to use and provides only the information needed. The animations offer a certain entertainment value and enhances the overall user experience. I am looking forward to seeing if they add to this page as more information becomes available.

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