By adding variety to the types of videos you create, you can ensure that your content is always new and fresh. This keeps consumers and fans engaged and will help you continue growing your online presence. Types of videos to create include:

  • The teaser. Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie that made it seem much more epic and exciting than it actually was? Because of their pacing and brevity, trailers have the ability to get us excited about anything, so be sure to consider it for your brand! Thirty seconds of content is short enough to keep the user engaged, but long enough to flash your brand, products, and services to the consumer. Not sure that this strategy works? Be sure to check out this incredible teaser video by PlayStation!
  • Tips and tricks video. Great customer service goes beyond the physical store or consumer complaints department. It also includes helping consumers get the most out of their products. By creating videos that show tips and tricks for users to get the most out of their products that they’ve purchased from you, you’re building a happy customer base that will be more likely to purchase from you again or refer you to a friend.
  • Alongside tips and tricks videos, consider how-to videos as well. How-to’s are some of the most watched videos on YouTube and are a strong way to establish your brand with an expert voice in the industry.
  • Livestreaming. Whether it’s through Google+ or some other video hosting platform, hosting a livestream event is a great way to encourage user interaction. Whether you’re answering questions, showcasing how to use a product, revealing new product lines, or hosting a press conference, a livestreaming video is an incredible way to keep users engaged. Furthermore, Google+ allows you to record the video and upload it onto YouTube once the broadcast has ended. This ensures that those who weren’t able to watch live can still watch the content!
  • Music videos. Creating a music video takes an incredible amount of time investment, creativity, and preparation. However, the results and increased chances of the video going viral are definitely worth it! To create a music video that promotes your brand, be sure to create a team of musicians and lyricists to come up with a catchy tune first! After all, you can’t film a music video without a hit song! Remember to brand and build brand awareness as many times as you can through the lyrics and visuals.