The Best Styles of Recruitment Video

September 25, 2023

Recruitment videos have become a powerful tool for organizations looking to attract top talent. They provide a window into the company culture, values, and work environment, giving potential candidates a glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the team. However, not all recruitment videos are created equal. There are various styles, each with its unique strengths and purposes. Let’s explore some of the best styles of recruitment videos and when to use them.

On-Camera Interviews and B-Roll is a style commonly used in recruitment videos, and it involves recording individuals (usually employees or company representatives) speaking directly to the camera about the organization or specific aspects of the job. This style is often complemented by additional footage known as B-roll, which includes visually engaging shots of the workplace, employees in action, or related scenes that provide context to the narrative.

  1. CIDQ: Our CIDQ videos were sit-down interviews accompanied by “staged” B-roll footage, which is any footage that isn’t part of the main action. This style combines the authenticity of interviews with the visual appeal of a professionally captured B-roll, creating a formal yet engaging recruitment video.

  2. Kum & Go: Kum & Go took a different approach with on-site interviews and spontaneous on-the-fly B-roll. This style offers an authentic look at the workplace, providing a real and unfiltered perspective.

  1. ANCC: ANCC wanted to combine interviews, B-roll, industry, and candidate profession alignment to tie everything together. This is an excellent choice for association recruitment, where showcasing expertise matters.

Off-camera (Audio Only) Interviews and B-Roll is another style commonly used in recruitment videos. In this approach, the video primarily features audio interviews with individuals (typically employees or company representatives) sharing their insights, experiences, and perspectives about the organization, their roles, and the company culture. Simultaneously, B-roll footage is used to provide visual context and support to the spoken narrative.

  1. Hyattsville: Hyattsville’s recruitment video features authentic off-camera interviews paired with Verite B-roll, or B-roll captured in a natural environment. This style gives genuine insights into the organization while maintaining an unscripted feel.

  2. Wegmans: Wegmans took the anthem-style approach, blending employee interviews with captivating workplace imagery. This style fosters a strong sense of connection with the company.

  1. ICE Leadership: ICE Leadership opted for audio-only interviews conducted remotely over Zoom. This approach is not our usual approach, but we were still able to present their mission, even from a distance.

Documentary/Day-in-the-life is a style of recruitment video that provides viewers with an immersive and realistic look at a typical day or a broader perspective on what it’s like to work within an organization. 

  1. NCR: NCR chooses a documentary-style recruitment video, offering a day-in-the-life perspective with verite footage. It effectively aligns the candidate with the workplace environment.

  1. Clark Construction: Clark Construction creates an immersive experience with verite/documentary B-roll, allowing viewers to witness a typical day on the job.

Scripted Narrative is a style of recruitment video where the content is carefully scripted and rehearsed, often with a clear and tightly controlled message. In these videos, employees or company representatives deliver pre-written lines and follow a predetermined script that hits key points.

  1. Savan Group:  Savan Group uses dynamic staged B-roll combined with a tightly scripted narrative that directly conveyed key points. This style ensures a clear and compelling message.

  2. Penn State: Penn State blended verite/documentary B-roll with scripted elements to deliver a cohesive and informative recruitment message.

  1. Freddie Mac: Freddie Mac’s recruitment video features employees delivering a scripted message. This style guarantees message clarity and consistency.

Cinematic Trailer is a style of video that draws inspiration from the cinematic techniques commonly seen in movie trailers. It aims to create a visually stunning and emotionally engaging video that tells a compelling story about the organization and its culture.

  1. FBIThe FBI takes a cinematic trailer-style approach, aligning the organization’s purpose with the candidate’s aspirations. This creates a powerful emotional connection, particularly effective for organizational recruitment.

Recruitment videos come in various styles, each with its own strengths and objectives. Choosing the right style depends on your organization’s culture, goals, and the message you want to convey. Whether you opt for the authenticity of interviews, the immersion of documentary-style footage, or the emotional appeal of a cinematic trailer, a well-crafted recruitment video can be a game-changer in attracting top talent to your team.

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