5 Reasons to Use Recruitment Videos for Your Business

September 5, 2023

Recruitment Video

Ah… the constant dilemma of recruitment. We often hear from clients about the challenges they face in the recruitment space – that it’s hard to attract the right candidates in today’s world. Either they attract too many underqualified candidates, or those that they do attract simply wouldn’t be the right fit for their organization. And those that are the right fit? Well… everyone’s fighting over them. So, it’s a race to find those ideal candidates and bring them in before your competition does. 

Video can go a LONG way to do a lot of the work for you. At the top of the recruitment funnel – video offers an excellent way to attract potential candidates through Social Media – while the long-form formats on your company website or recruitment landing pages enable you to present your company culture, values, and mission in a way that gets candidates excited about your organization before they even apply! 

But you can’t cut corners. Candidates will often be turned off by the smell of cheese. So, with that in mind, here are five key tips (and a bonus!) to keep in mind for getting the most value out of your recruitment videos:  

In a sea of job postings and applications, video stands out as a captivating medium that can grab candidates’ attention and leave a lasting impression. The dynamic nature of video content engages potential candidates and makes your organization stand out from the crowd. Use attention-grabbing colors (on brand, of course), bold statements, and inspiring visuals. 

Video allows you to showcase your company’s unique culture, values, and work environment in an engaging and immersive way. By giving candidates a glimpse into your organization’s DNA, you can attract individuals who align with your mission and foster a sense of belonging even before they step foot in the office. Honesty also goes a long way towards keeping those away who would not be a good fit. 

Speaking of honesty – authenticity and transparency are highly valued by candidates, especially the younger generation. With video, you can provide an authentic view of your workplace and allow candidates to see the real faces and voices behind your organization. This level of transparency builds trust and credibility, helping candidates make more informed decisions about joining your team.

Video resonates particularly well with the new generation of job seekers, Gen Z. Having grown up in a visually-oriented digital landscape, they prefer consuming information through videos. By leveraging video in your recruitment efforts, you can speak their language and establish a meaningful connection that sets your organization apart.

In a mobile-centric world, video content is highly accessible and easily consumed on smartphones and tablets. By utilizing video in recruitment, you can reach candidates on their preferred devices and ensure your message reaches a broader audience. This mobile-friendly approach demonstrates your adaptability and understanding of candidates’ needs.

Now… time for the bonus tip. Think Interactive! 

Assess Their Skills and Personality in Action

Why not let the viewer drive the train to uncover the information that’s most relevant to them? Interactive videos allow you to guide potential applicants to learn more about what they want to learn about your organization. Don’t bore them with information that they don’t care about. You can structure your video so they can learn what they want to learn about you as it pertains to them. 

Additionally, Interactive recruitment videos can provide you with the opportunity to find out a lot of information about your applicants. Resumes and cover letters only provide a glimpse of a candidate’s potential. Video, on the other hand, allows candidates to showcase their skills, creativity, and personality in action. You can analyze the results of the paths that they select, to see what information matters most to them – and make adjustments as you collect that information. Interactive videos can also allow you to collect information through video interviews or submissions – enabling you to gain deeper insights into candidates’ communication abilities, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit, enabling more accurate evaluations and informed hiring decisions!

Did we miss anything? We’d love to hear about what you think are the most important aspects of recruitment videos, chat with us today!


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