7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out

October 10, 2023

I can’t wait to watch this Safety video! Said no one… ever. Or this Training video. Or Instructional Video. Or…

You may think we are being dramatic, but it feels like the more content that is created – the less creative the world has become because people constantly recycle the same ideas. 

Look: if you are going to put your time and money into a video you might as well push boundaries because while there aren’t a lot of things that we can guarantee, something we can guarantee is that an average video will NEVER go viral. 

Average videos tread water, quickly get forgotten, and don’t move the needle. They check your To Do box, but won’t earn you a promotion. 

But how do you create videos that stands out? That engages your audience? That gets people to like, share – or even better – answer your call to action?

There are a few things that you can look to achieve to make your videos stand out.

Crafting a standout video begins with selecting a bold story—an engaging narrative that grabs your audience’s attention. Just like any great story, it needs to have a hook that captivates, a climax that excites, a conflict that challenges, and a resolution that satisfies. Each story is unique, offering various ways to narrate it, but the key is to make it interesting and distinct from any other story you could tell.

Our Victims of Communism documentary is an example of a video centered around a great story:



Like any good movie, your characters can make or break your story. Regardless of the title, a compelling character with an intriguing personal journey draws viewers and provides a window into your story. Exceptional storytellers are a rare find, so the more you can showcase their talent, the better.

Our AIA Urban Design Associate video is an example of how a great storyteller can add so much to a video no matter what their role is in the project: 

Don’t do the expected. That’s the definition of average. So don’t underestimate the power of pushing boundaries. Don’t assume your audience will find you too edgy—often, they crave something daring. As we continue to evolve, it’s crucial to stretch those boundaries. Your viewers want to see and share content that challenges norms and explores new territories.

Our HHS training video series is a great example of taking a spin on the regular government training video: 

Well-designed graphics are a great tool to breathe life into a story, especially when dealing with complex or less engaging subjects. They can enhance understanding and engagement significantly.

Our AAAS Agrobacterium video is an example of creative motion graphics that were added to a solely remote interview: 

We’re talking about video here. Visuals play a pivotal role. Why not capture compelling visuals of your subjects? Tracking shots, macro-shots, drone shots, POV shots… start by capturing the original b-roll and then use stock footage to cover the gaps, if necessary. Authenticity is key, so if budget allows, opt for live footage featuring real people within your business or organization for maximum impact. Along with the visuals of the b-roll and stock, it is important to think about your location and environment. You can be interviewing the President of the United States, but if it is in front of wood paneling – well – it’s just not going to be a great look (true story). The better the location, the better the shots!

Our Myriad360 Warehouse Tour video is an example of using different angles and shots to add different perspectives: 

Sound design is SO important and yet almost always underrated by those not in the industry. For a lot of people, this is the last thing you are thinking of with a video. But just think about a scary movie without scary music. Is it scary? No! Music must match the type of video you are trying to produce and the message you want to share.

Our Kennedy Center video is a great example of using sound design to elevate the fun and educational aspects of this series: 

Speaking of underappreciated… let’s talk about Color grading. Color grading is the final brushstroke that brings your video to life. Often overlooked, it’s a critical component for achieving a polished, cohesive look. Colors can be tailored to match your brand or the video’s vibe, entirely transforming how your audience perceives and connects with the content.

Our American Nurses Association video is a great example of how we used color grading to elevate the already existing colors within the video:

So if you are planning on creating a video, be bold. Try at least one of these components. Craft a bold story with compelling characters… do something unexpected, add some sleek graphics to interesting visuals, and then polish it off with good sound design and a dash of color correction. 

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