But those are just some of the many benefits to studio production. Here are some other advantages shooting at 522’s studio provides that are often overlooked.


  • The room – When we shoot on location, we pretty much vomit equipment everywhere. We take pictures and it all goes back together, but it can be unsettling when you see one of our guys… probably Jay… hooking a maffer clamp into your ceiling tiles.
  • The overall environment – Shooting at the 522 Studio ensures that there are no disruptions to your staff’s workday. Trust me – no matter how well we behave on set, we can’t always please everyone.
  • The light – shooting in a room with large windows can be tricky (i.e. time consuming) if there are no black-out blinds.
  • The sound – Our studio has been specially treated with insulation to provide our interviews with clean professional audio.
  • The schedule – If we’re shooting in the bosses office, the boss needs to be prepared to give our team at least an hour to properly prepare the room so he looks his best. He also needs to be prepared to host a few guests.


  • Location – Not every company has a large conference room. And many that do have some drawbacks to shooting video, such as a large immovable conference table, or being situated next to noisy elevator bays.
  • Depth – Space provides depth of field (makes the background go out of focus) and flexibility to position lights in the most flattering positions on the subject.
  • Height – Shooting in a room with low ceilings creates a lot of spill light that needs to be controlled because light bounces off white ceiling tiles. Our 11’ ceilings allow us to position lights pretty much whenever we want, enabling us to capture the best images possible.
  • Privacy – Our green room provides an area for interviewees to relax or get work done prior to filming, or our make-up artist to ply her (or his) wares.


  • Familiarity – Because we shoot at our studio so often, we know the environment. This helps us ensure that we stay as close to schedule as possible. We don’t have to wait for the building supervisor to turn off the air conditioning, or send a PA to find the fuse box.
  • Limited interruptions – We know that there won’t be a conference next door that forces us to stop filming during breaks and that senior management won’t bump us out for a spur-of-the-moment meeting. We also know where to order lunch from… just ask Phil


  • It’s always a nice change of pace for our clients to come hang out at the studio and not be bothered by constant interruptions. Plus, if we wrap early, that means you get to go home early!

All of these elements combine for a fast, efficient, and (occasionally) award-winning interview process. But in the immortal words of Reading Rainbow’s Lavar Burton – don’t just take my word for it. Check out our studio video for to see what we got going on.