Before contacting a video production company you should complete some research to see what the company is about, see their past projects and gather any other information you deem important. After looking through a few sites, narrow down your list to 5 Production Companies. When you contact these 5, try your best to say more than ‘my company is looking for a video.’ That will only delay the process. Listed below are a few things that should be stated in every initial contact email or phone call.

  • Your company name and website
  • General goals of the video
  • Examples of videos you have seen that you like
  • Completion date
  • Estimated budget (if you have one)
  • Any questions you have

Not only will this get you a more useful response back, but you will be able to jump into production a lot sooner. The key questions above can give a production team a much better idea of what you are looking for and allows them to begin drafting ideas and budgets.


There’s tons of things that can be said about pre production and it’s importance but I will keep it simple. Poor pre production will result in a failed video. You will want to take the time to plan out the shoot, outline goals, and have a clear understanding of what this video needs to be (or not be). One of the best things you can do is allow for a location scout. Location scouts are so important that we have written 3 blogs about them.

From the location scout the production team will draft a story board and shot list. Making sure everyone involved has a copy of the shot list and storyboard will keep the production moving and on time. This will be all put together in a highly effective production schedule.


With all the planning leading up to the production, it is time for the show! At this point, as the client, the best thing you can do is let the production team do what they do best and be there for help getting into the chosen locations and making sure they are doing what you paid them for. A lot of times there will be a monitor for clients to view and take notes . What you should be looking for is anything that can’t be shown on the video (i.e. logos, name tags, badges etc.) and to give the director a nod that what the talent is saying is what you are looking for.


This is where the production team does everything from backing up footagecuttingcoloring and delivery of the final product.

More Information
To find out more on making the most out of video and a guide to producing videos, check out our e-book that goes over all of this in great detail.

Hope this was helpful and let us know if you have any questions!