While Facebook and Twitter are popular for many businesses, YouTube is hands down the favorite social media site for the majority of airlines. Instead of simply uploading content, airlines have the opportunity to build their own platform and establish their YouTube brand. In fact, most of the airlines on YouTube have uploaded dozens of videos and even have content exclusive for their YouTube audience.

One of the reasons that airlines have turned to YouTube is because traveling is so visual. Whether you’re traveling for vacation or headed to a business meeting across the nation, we associate flight with a very visual image. Since video can capture the spirit of a location and flight, it’s only natural that this is the preferred method for airlines to advertise. It’s easier for airlines to showcase their engines and global locations through visual content than any other form.

Furthermore, airlines have largely moved passed social marketing. Much of their focus is on maintaining and building loyal customers. Part of how their accomplish this is through regular interaction via email and printed media mail. To spice up any email newsletters, airlines often incorporate video content to help keep things visual and engage readers. Videos are also a great way for airlines to promote new specials.


YouTube videos focus on fun and creativity. By aiming their marketing efforts at YouTube, they can create videos that entertain and engage while building their brand. On the other hand, Emirates focuses on glamor. They highlight the impressiveness of their aircraft vessels as well as the locations around the world that they service.


is another brand that has a “fun” channel. It doesn’t take its videos seriously and focuses on humor. It even features a workout video that somehow ties airlines into fitness. British Airways focuses on the services they provide passengers such as Height Cuisine. Air New Zealand is known for making their videos look like fun vacation and party videos – which is appropriate considering that New Zealand is a popular international vacation destination.

Just as these airlines have defined themselves on YouTube, it’s important for every brand to discover their own voice and continuously perpetuate it through a variety of mediums. While some of these brands may have overlapping elements in their advertising, they all maintain a unique voice that offers something new to YouTube viewers. And just like Air New Zealand, be sure that your image matches the services and products that you offer.

Have you and your brand gone on YouTube? Is your image in line with your brand?