Video marketing is now used in all industries, and healthcare isn’t an exception. Video marketing gives the healthcare industry a chance to authentically connect with patients and educate them on how to live a healthier life.

How Can Video Marketing Be Used to Educate and Attract Patients?

Videos can humanize organizations, and if there’s any industry that benefits from this kind of personal interaction, it’s healthcare. Doctors’ offices and hospitals have a tendency to feel cold and disconnected. Using video marketing can help patients feel important and connected. Here are a few different types of videos the healthcare industry uses to attract and educate patients:


Everyone loves to hear a success story. Testimonials connect with people on an emotional level, which helps potential customers trust that healthcare organization.


Website Welcome Videos

Welcome videos are one way you can reach potential patients. They introduce patients to a hospital, office, or healthcare system and tell them what services are offered. Effective healthcare marketing keeps clients informed and ensures patients retain important information without the expensive commitment of dedicated staff or taking time away from busy physicians.

Physician Profile Videos

More patients are researching physicians before scheduling an appointment. Patients want to know their doctors. Incorporating profile videos on a healthcare website is a wonderful way to “introduce” a physician before a patient ever steps inside the office. If a healthcare organization can make it easier to connect with doctors, potential patients are more likely to schedule an appointment.


Procedure and Condition Information Videos

Video is a great way to calm fears and explain how a procedure works. Thus, patients are more informed and more likely to ask questions.

Videos can also be used to educate patients about different conditions. Condition-related videos educate patients on signs, symptoms, and ways to prevent complications. Healthcare organizations can also create videos about special conditions or recent medical news. This can help a potential patient decide to schedule an appointment.

Marketing Your Healthcare Videos

The healthcare industry shouldn’t just use its videos on its website. Social media is a powerful tool that should also be utilized. Creating a YouTube channel is an excellent way to show your content to the masses. It’s easy to share and access, which makes it a vital marketing tool for any healthcare organization.

Healthcare is a growing and changing industry. And with video marketing, healthcare organizations can educate current and potential patients. At the same time, video marketing can show the personal side of healthcare organizations. This enhance the patient experience and boosts engagement.