Want to know a secret? No one trusts what you have to say about your business. Don’t take it personally, but the reality is that consumers are wary about self-promotional material. This is why potential consumers need to hear great things about your brand from other people – and this is where testimonial videos come into play.

Testimonial videos provide many benefits for any brand. Not only can they help you get more exposure and answer questions from potential clients, but they can help improve your brand’s image and public relations as well. After all, getting other people to spread positive word of mouth about your business is paramount to growing your business!


So how can you make an effective testimonial video?

Use a testimonial to substantiate your claims.

If you’re advertising fast and reliable services, then ensure that customer testimonials reflect that. If you say that your business or your product will do something, then testimonials should focus on proving that those claims truly helped the lives of real consumers. This creates a testimonial that your audience can relate to and identify with.

Furthermore, be sure to use testimonials from customers that showcase your ideal demographic. For instance, if you’re selling to moms, then feature mothers who have conducted business with you to create credibility.

Feel free to ask questions or otherwise prompt the customer giving the testimonial. 

Testimonials aren’t filmed by randomly showing up with a camera to a customer. Rather, there are many prompts and questions that are edited out to help you create a cohesive testimonial. To craft the right questions, you have to know what you want the speaker to say without putting words in his or her mouth. For instance, if you want a testimonial about your affordable prices, then ask something along the lines of, “How was our company able to help you save money?”

This way, the words in the testimonial are still authentic, but are also steered in a direction that you can use to benefit your greater marketing efforts.

Have a plan for structuring your sound bites. 

Now that you have testimonials talking about things that are important to your business and marketing strategy, it’s time to structure them into a cohesive piece that effectively encourages people to perform business with your brand. Because online visitors have short attention spans, the best strategy is to frontload the testimonial with a power statement and then use the rest of the video to substantiate or elaborate on the claim.


Remember, you only have a few seconds to capture the viewer’s attention, so the point of the testimonial must be quickly broadcast in the video. Once you grab attention, you can continue to delve into specifics about your brand or product. Even if a viewer doesn’t sit through the entire testimonial, then at least the most important message will have been heard.

Loyal clients will be happy to help you create a testimonial for your business. Featuring loyal clients will come across as even more honest and believable, which will touch prospective customers who are eyeing your business. Be sure to take advantage of this powerful and effective selling tool today!