At the beginning of the year, socialmediatoday provided a list of the top 10 corporate blogs in the entire world. As mentioned in the article, the IT industry tends to lead the way with valuable blog content. However, there are some shining stars out there in other industries as well.

Rather than adding to or evaluating this list, I wanted to take a different angle and see how these organizations were using video within their blog content. The following list dives into the video content of five corporate blogs mentioned in socialmediatoday’s article.



  • Uses a variety of customer testimonial videos from the latest conferences & trade shows
  • Demonstrates durability and product development by including test footage
  • Posts archive footage gathered from trade shows
  • Develops videos to support major product launches

You can check out the Caterpillar blog content here.


  • Develops a “market spotlight” video series that discusses major trends
  • Produces a wide range of how-to videos (recipes, food preparation, etc.)
  • Captures on-camera statements from store managers

Checkout the grocery store’s YouTube channel for a glimpse at their videos.


  • Includes a time-lapse video of a new 7-acre solar power field being built
  • Develops videos describing specific products and how they impact the world (see how the Vscan product is changing the world)

You can checkout GE’s blog for more videos on their innovative product developments.


  • Encourages user-generated video content through competitions (participants can win free tickets)
  • Highlights special programs (adopt-a-pilot) by developing informational videos

For more video content, checkout Southwest’s blog.

Whole Foods

  • Videos of recently opened supermarkets
  • In-depth videos – one that caught my eye described the Haitian mango

For a closer look at Whole Foods’ video content, check out their video section on the web.