Last week I posted a blog entry about how the best corporate blogs use video. After reviewing the various blogs, I wanted to take a closer look and highlight the commonalities. So, what are some of the things I found?


Mix of professionally produced video with organic/user-generated content

In just about all cases, the organizations that were committed to using video on their website had a blend of productions. The blogs had both well-produced content and cases where the content was provided by users. Personally, I feel that this mix of content can provide authenticity. If user-generated content supports the brand and is aligned with other polished content, then the overall message carries more weight.


The best corporate blogs allow the organization’s personality to shine through. One of the most effective ways to showcase personalities is by using video as a tool. Video provides a way for corporations to communicate directly with their audience. For example….the CEO of a company has the ability to sit down, look into the camera and address the audience – text can’t do that. At the end of the day, people do business with people. If you can make content more personal, the audience becomes more engaged.

Customer experiences

One of the most valuable marketing tools a business can have is a testimonial. But, would you put more stock into a text-based testimonial or a customer that appears on-camera? Exactly. Many of these corporate video blogs include customer testimonials and real stories.

Employee testimonials/statements

We already know that customer testimonials are powerful. But, statements from employees are very helpful as well. Many of the blogs we reviewed provided ways for their very own employees to voice their opinions, experiences and insights. By providing access to people of all levels in an organization, audiences become more comfortable.