I haven’t had a job in 7 years. Yes, that’s right. Since I co-founded 522 in 2004, I stopped working and started taking a different approach to my career. Basically, I just try to focus on projects that I want to be a part of and carve out opportunities. There is an entire world out there with a countless number of stories to be told.

But, 522 can only be innovative and successful if our entire team shares this philosophy. In order to spark creativity within our company, our management team started a new internal program called “innovative projects.”


The program is simple. Every quarter, all of our team members submit a Creative Brief for their very own project. The project has some parameters of course – budget, timeframe, etc. However, our employees have complete freedom to develop the concept, craft the story and produce the entire project. We feel that this program provides several benefits:

  • Provides employees with project management opportunities
  • Allows employees to be involved within all phases of a video production
  • Gives employees a chance to explore topics that are in sync with their interests

We plan to feature blog posts describing the projects and will be uploading the finished videos as they are completed. Ultimately, we’re all excited to see what transpires with these projects and are looking forward to just having fun throughout the process.

On a side note, if this type of environment appeals to you and you are looking for a career in video production, check out our recently launched Careers page for open positions. Keep in mind though, I haven’t had a real job in 7 years.