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Money spent on producing online videos to promote products and services passed the $3 billion dollar mark in 2012. Over 1.3 billion videos are shown daily in the US. It is one of the primary ways to build relationships with customers. But, why do so many of these videos lack personality? Why are so many “characters” just not that interesting?


Recently, a family member sent me Pepsi’s video about Uncle Drew. I had seen the :30 spot while watching the NBA Finals, but I missed this 5-minute short. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below.

I really liked how the video incorporated Kyrie Irving’s personality. The video allowed the basketball star to use some of his own humor and step away from the normal roles athletes portray. By letting Irving write the material, Pepsi really allowed his true personality to come through on-camera. Uncle Drew resonates with viewers and gives them something to remember. More importantly, both the Pepsi and Irving brands have done something memorable and can build on this approach.

After watching Uncle Drew, I started to think about how other businesses should let their true colors come to life….especially in video. A web video provides an opportunity to showcase your true personality and give clients a window into your world. I think most of us want to enjoy who we work with and your customers should be comfortable with who you really are. So, don’t hide anymore (unless it involves an Uncle Drew costume) and let your personality come to life through video.

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