It’s not everyday that you have to say goodbye to your first employee. Earlier this week, we at 522 had to do just that. But we lost more than just an employee, we’re losing a member of our family.


Rob Reinders started with our company just over 3 1/2 years ago. Over that time he’s helped us in so many ways. He’s helped us grow. Helped us learn. Helped us create. And helped us take care of our clients.

We watched him develop strong skills that served our clients so well. One of the things that impressed us the most about Rob is his dedication not only to the projects he worked on, but to our company as a whole. He wanted to improve processes. Improve communication. Improve our position in the marketplace. He succeeded.

Now, I know this is hard to believe, but video production can be… well… a production at times. Not all plans work out, not all visions are seen through. Stress levels can get high, and pressure to get things done can become overwhelming. We’ll always appreciate knowing that Rob was there to see us through those times. His sense of humor was (and still is) infectious. Not a bad infectious – no one had to be inoculated – but it kept everyone in good spirits.

Having gone through those (few) challenging times helped us appreciate the good times. Whether it was standing on the Southern Border, or on top of a giant oil tank, there were a ton of fun times.

There’s countless inside jokes: “Good Evening ladies and Gentlemen.” “No audios.” “Do you like steak?” “Jeeeehhhsss!” “Ice Tea. Unsweetened.” (They’re inside jokes so there not funny unless you were, well… inside). And many stories. Oh… so many stories… but we’ll save those for the 522 memoirs.

So, it’s a time of transition for 522. We’ve always known that not every employee will be with us forever… no matter how many chains we fasten to their desks. But we’ll keep trying our best to improve our company so that one day it does become the place no one wants to leave. I know… wishful thinking. Until that happens, we’ll just have to learn how to say goodbye, and god speed, more than we’d like to.

God Speed, Mr. Reinders.