“Can you just film me at my desk?”
“Are you available to film a couple of people in our office?”
“What type of room do you need for your production crew?”

These are great questions. During a video production project, our clients ask these types of questions all of the time. When filming interviews or other content for an effective video, the environment is important.


On one hand, the environment can help connect with the viewer and add color, depth and visual cues. On the other hand, there are also technical considerations. If our crew sets out to conduct a series of interviews, we have to determine if the area is suitable for audio. We also need to figure out if we have enough room for equipment and have access to electrical outlets.

In some cases, finding the right place to film can be a challenge. We usually find a way to make an environment work out, but in some cases the stars just don’t align. So, we always need to work with clients to find a suitable location.

Well, for our clients close to the Washington, D.C. area and in neighboring states such as Virginia and Maryland, we have the answer. Our video production studio is available in Alexandria, VA and is a great solution for many of our projects. Within our production studio, we can design customized sets, film against a green screen or setup a backdrop. In fact, our studio recently served as a dry cleaner, auto body shop and an office in Seoul, Korea.…..just not on the same day.

To make a reservation or for more information about our video production studio in Alexandria, VA, check out the video below and go to the webpage.