“How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” the old adage goes. “Practice. Practice. Practice.” When our company got a drone to use for filming areal shots, it became clear right away that piloting this thing would require lots of it. Often, when we log hours practicing, we wind up getting some pretty cool shots in the process.

Recently, on a trip back from Detroit, we spotted beautiful road in rural Ohio and thought it a perfect place to practice some tracking shots behind the rental car. Our goal here was to use the drone to capture some shots that didn’t quite feel like your typical arial shots. We wanted to try to mimic something you might do on a jib or with a steadicam as a proof of concept of this powerful little tool.

After we finished startling the locals (a drone can be pretty shocking if you are a rural farmer in Ohio), we took a look at the footage and were very pleased with what we saw.

The footage we wound up with was a car driving one direction turning around and driving back. Rather than cut together some dry demo footage, why not make it epic? I decided to cut a little piece called “The epic turnaround” Which is an over the top little piece made from our practice footage.

Every shot in this video is with the DJI Phantom and Go Pro Hero 3. Hopefully this shows some of the diversity of this tool and the production value it can add to any of your productions.