We often hear about the challenges or fears about outsourcing your video production team. Outsourcing is a powerful strategy for businesses because when used correctly, it can be an opportunity to find a strong partner to help your organization grow, especially in areas where resources are limited.  Every business at some point in time has outsourced a function to leverage a higher success rate. As a strategic “outsourced” video partner for many organizations, if we don’t deliver consistent quality, communication, culture, brand, story, and creative talent, 522 wouldn’t be celebrating our 15th year in video production.

Engaging in video marketing is one of the most rewarding endeavors you could ever pursue for your business, but doing so effectively requires incredible planning, hard work, and insight into successful video marketing strategies. This is why the video production company you choose to work with can make or break your marketing efforts.

By asking a potential video production partner key questions before you begin working on a project together, you can ensure that they’re the right match for the job. After all, video marketing is a critical component to maximizing any strategic initiative for your company. So, it’s imperative to take your time in selecting the perfect video production company.


What kind of video production do you specialize in?
Some companies specialize in specific products such as weddings, live events, nonprofit videos, short films, etc. If a production company specializes in what you’re looking for, then you have a potential good fit. However, many companies specialize in a range of production abilities, so it’s okay if they don’t have any specific type of video they work with. This could mean that they have a visually stunning compilation of creative ideas that would work across a variety of spectrums.

What ideas can you offer?
Many video production companies take a passive approach. In other words, they’re there to film what you tell them to film and edit in such a way that makes you happy. At 522 Productions, on the other hand, we prefer taking a hands-on approach and working closely with you to creatively collaborate on ideas to make the best video possible. We’re passionate about helping you tell your story through the medium that video has to offer. We understand that it’s ultimately your story, so we’re here to help you showcase the qualities that make you unique.

Do you have examples of your work?
You’ll always want to ask a potential video company if you can see samples of work that they’ve completed for previous clients. This will allow you to see their professionalism and attention to detail on screen. If they’ve successfully worked with clients, then chances are that they will successfully accomplish your goals. At 522 Productions, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for previous clients and are excited to help others achieve the same results.


As you prepare to meet with a video production company to ask these questions, it’s important to understand what you want your project to accomplish. While you obviously don’t need to have every single detail of your project determined, you should have a general vision of how you want the project to unfold. By being able to explain your goals and the purpose of the video you’re trying to create, you can better ensure that you and the video production company are on the same page.

During the consultation process, you’ll also want to make sure that your “chemistry” mixes well and that you can see yourself working with this team for the duration of the project. Because your story and marketing efforts are on the line with this video production, it’s crucial to ensure that the team is passionate and excited about the work you’re doing together. At 522 Productions, we’re passionate about your goals, your story, and your vision.

If your partner fails at any of the above, time to move on. Or call 522.