In today’s digital age, technology giants are accomplishing impressive milestones, and they’re using video to showcase all their achievements, new products, and visionary endeavors. The fact that major companies on the cutting-edge of technology and digital media are relying on video speaks volumes about the power of effective video marketing.


Technology companies that feature video on their homepage include, but are not limited to:


  1. Apple. Known for innovation and design, Apple relies heavily on visual marketing to attract the attention of consumers. Whether it’s their latest keynote speech presenting a new product or an explainer video about the latest technology they’ve produced, Apple has consistently used its homepage to showcase the latest company offerings and happenings.
  2. ExactTarget. A digital marketing company that focuses on automated systems, ExactTarget features a playlist of videos ranging from conference footage to how-to videos on their homepage. This helps potential B2B clients understand how ExactTarget’s cloud-based software can help them grow their own business.
  3. Adobe. Though Adobe doesn’t feature a video on its homepage, almost every other landing page throughout the site features video that showcases the creative power behind Adobe’s design software. By visually expanding through all the neat features, Adobe is able to cater to graphic designers and other creative professionals who need the software.
  4. Citrix. IT solutions for business can be complex processes, and the folks at Citrix know this, which is why the option to watch an explainer video is prominent on their homepage. Integrated into a flowing banner that allows visitors to learn more about the company and its services at their convenience, the option for video viewing is seamless and nonintrusive, which is what makes it effective.
  5. Udemy. With the internet, learning no longer has to occur in a brick and mortar classroom. Focusing on online course offerings, Udemy showcases the benefits of its learning services in a quick video on its homepage. A strong call to action and sign-up option directly to the right makes the Udemy homepage extremely optimized.
  6. Start app. Have you ever wanted to create an app or advertise on one? The folks at Start App make it easier than ever to do both. While not completely video based, the interactive elements of the homepage (you choose whether you’re a developer or advertiser) engages visitors from the get-go.
  7. Kaltura. If you engage in video marketing, then it’s crucial to brand your videos so that consumers can more easily recognize your content and remember your brand. Kaltura explains the importance of branded videos on their homepage, encouraging visitors to delve deeper into the site.
  8. Kickstarter. Easily the biggest name in online fundraising, the digital gurus at Kickstarter feature videos from projects across their homepage. Users have the option to peruse projects and videos at their convenience, immediately being drawn into the site’s purpose. Never heard of Kickstarter? They’re prominent “Learn More” button on the homepage makes it easy for first-time visitors to understand the ins and outs of online fundraising.
  9. Nintendo. The gaming site uses its homepage banner as a prominent area to promote trailers and videos of upcoming games. Nintendo maintains a scrolling homepage banner that seamlessly showcases the latest company news and game system releases.
  10. QlikView. From being able to take a virtual tour of the company to experimenting with demo apps, the homepage of QlikView utilizes video and engagement to hook prospective business clients from the first few clicks.