But, after looking through the samples, I started to think about this a little further. Corporate jargon is really a barrier. And, it can be a barrier that prevents your customers from getting to know your company. If you don’t speak conversationally, you can miss out on an opportunity to connect with your audience.

I believe this principle can be applied to many mediums. However, I feel this is even more important when developing videos for your organization. If you’re developing a video about your company’s services or for recruiting purposes, it’s very important to be genuine. When you’re being interviewed and are talking directly to your audience, speak naturally. If you can drop your guard, ditch the corporate jargon and simply share your story…customers will get a true sense of your organization. Your true brand will shine through.

So, take a peak at the infographic below and see the difference between speaking naturally versus speaking in corporate gobbledygook.