So, I decided to take the GoPro with me all day and see what I could come up with. This video [embedded below] combines some cool features of the camera, such as mounting inside and outside of a car, along with what a typical day at 522 is (at least in my eyes). I really enjoyed how easy it was to set up and shoot. I shot all the video in 1920×1080 30fps to keep it simple (I’m planning to test out some slomo stuff for the next video). I was really impressed with how it looked – especially coming from a $299 camera. The timelapse feature is awesome, but I was a little disappointed with how it looks indoors. You’ll be able to see the fuzz and grain when you watch the video full screen. Again, this is a $299 camera – for professional looking timelapses, I will still go with my 7D.

Overall, this camera is going to be great for behind the scenes and adding an extra camera/angle for outdoor footage. Throwing it on you car for a unique establishing shot is pretty cool too. The small size and impressive image quality will just add an additional way to tell your story and I am looking forward to using it more.