We all know how quickly information comes, and even goes before the next big thing makes its appearance. I use Twitter to keep up with local news, national news, sports, friends and anything related to video production. One of the ways I am able to do this is with a Twitter widget.


Rather than going on to twitter.com or opening an app on your phone, consider installing a free Twitter widget. It automatically posts new tweets, mentions and messages. You are also able to search people and keywords, follow someone new and view user profiles. I personally use the official Twitter widget for Mac at work to keep up with everything going on. This allows me to quickly interact with others and post relevant information about what is going on with 522 Productions.

If you have not tried out one of these widgets, I highly suggest you do. You will immediately see how much easier it is to interact with followers and those that follow you. Being able to reach out to clients and colleagues allows you to build your relationship with like-minded professionals.

It is no secret that Twitter takes time. With a widget you can quickly view what is going on while still working on other things. Like most widgets, you will also get some kind of notice that someone has messaged or mentioned you. This allows you to quickly respond and continue the conversation. With all the benefits, there is no reason to not try a Twitter widget!

To wrap this up, I recently followed these folks on Twitter. Check them out and learn more about what is happening in the world of video production