The Benefits of Taking Creative Risks

October 27, 2023

During the spooky season it’s hard not to get excited about scary candles, skeletons, and spiders, but what really will send a shiver down people’s spines is…. taking creative risks.

We get it—stepping out of the ordinary, especially when your job is on the line, can be challenging. But here’s the thing: you can’t create something viral or truly inspiring without embracing the unconventional.

If you don’t believe us, take it from the experts of Vimeo. We recently attended a seminar where their video specialists came in and talked about what makes a video get the most views and highest rankings in the world. The videos with the most success didn’t have the best cameras, the largest team, or even the most funding. The videos that were the most successful were different. 

And look around! The repetitiveness is palpable. Commercials, ads, and social posts are all virtually indistinguishable. It’s familiarity that gives us a false sense of comfort, a worn-in couch we hesitate to replace. But this comfort isn’t reciprocated by our viewers; it’s not what they want. The irony is, in our pursuit of playing it safe, we’re offering content that fails to resonate. The truth is, we’re serving a dish nobody ordered. The viewers have moved on, seeking something fresh, something that jolts them out of their boredom. If you don’t believe us, look at your own preferences. Chances are, you won’t share something you’ve seen a million times, knowing the person you’re sharing it with has likely seen it too. Viral videos and trends don’t rehash the same old formula, because people aren’t captivated by the ordinary.

It is time to be BOLD.

So what does taking a creative risk look like for you? 

One of our clients took a creative leap with us for their training video series. You’ve probably seen your fair share of training videos during your time in the workforce, and let’s be honest, they’re not usually the most thrilling to watch. Initially, our client had doubts about infusing a vibrant Wes Anderson-style vibe into their training video, fearing it wouldn’t be professional. However, once they released these videos to their internal team, skepticism turned into astonishment. The engagement levels shot through the roof. People were not only watching the videos attentively but were also retaining more information after viewing. It was a clear win – an innovative approach that made training enjoyable and effective simultaneously.

Do you want to take a creative risk this month with your video? Contact us for more information!

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