At 522, we put relationships first. That’s all well and good to say… and if we’re being honest, kinda ‘corporate-y’… but it means so much more when our clients recognize our efforts.

That’s why it was a pleasure to hear from our friends and partners at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that 522 received a Service Environmental Leadership Award as part of the team that worked on a training video series for the Service. The award recognizes those that go “above and beyond” expectations.

In a follow-up call after receiving the award we asked our main point-of-contact, St. Clair Thompson, a simple question: “Why were we nominated?” Not because we were surprised, but because we’re always curious to hear how our clients feel about their experience working with us. It’s one thing to feel that we do a good job, but something else entirely to receive feedback confirming those beliefs on our performance.

St. Clair mentioned that the project — a series of training videos that instructs U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service team members about how to properly inspect above-ground storage tanks – had a fairly large budget for this type of initiative. New to video, his team was a little nervous about getting the results they hoped for. But luckily, his team felt that throughout the entire process, we were “a pleasure to work with” especially dealing with issues during filming in the field, and handling a challenging post-production process. Aside from delivering a great finished product, he felt that our team took everything in stride. In short – the team never felt that they would get this type of treatment from a video production company. That’s why his team wanted to recognize us.

Well, that was certainly fun to hear. While we always strive to make the video production process as easy as possible, it’s rare that we have a client take the time to go through the steps and nominate us for an award because of those efforts. For St. Clair and his team to take time out of their busy schedule to recognize the effort the 522 team put into the project, means the world to us. We’re extremely proud of the award, and it’s recognition like this that makes it all worth it.