Video is quickly scaling the charts as a top contributor to content strategy, but it can be pricey to produce quality videos. If you’re investing in video for the first time, you may have concerns about the hit on your company’s marketing budget. As experts in the field (check this out) we’ve put together some tips to ensure you get an ROI from your video production company of choice.

Understand the right KPIs for your company

First thing’s first, you’ll want to understand what your KPIs are (key performance indicators). What is your company’s goal with this video’s production and how will you measure its impact? For recruitment videos it might be an increase in applicants or candidates, for fundraising, a video’s success could be reflected in the amount raised, or if you’re producing a training video, your KPI might be decreasing training time and costs. Have that number or numbers handy when you discuss proposals and contracts with a video production company.

Develop a Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. All cliches aside: This phrase could not be more accurate when producing videos as part of your content strategy. A video produced with a clear plan is more likely to lead to a positive ROI. Don’t just invest in video because an Inc. article told you to, refer back to your performance indicator to keep your video content on track with your intended goal.

Do your research

Rather than directing your video toward a generic audience, it’s important to know who you’re targeting and what they care about. Understanding how your intended audience consumes information will offer insight for the types of videos that would be positively received. Would they prefer an educational or entertaining approach? How about animation over live action? Knowing your target audience and producing relatable video content is a key to ensuring ROI.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Once you’ve figured out what matters to your audience, find a unique way to connect with them. Don’t tell the same tired story that everyone else in your industry does. Stand out. Be different. Push the envelope. That’s the best way for your video (and ultimately your company) to get noticed. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – there’s a story worth telling. There’s something about your company or product that’s unique. Even if it’s something as ‘basic’ as a safety video, find a unique way to connect with your audience and get them to care. If they care… they share.

Pick a credible partner to produce the video

Those serious about producing a quality video know that partnering with a video production company is imperative. With so many options out there, it may seem overwhelming. What sets a good video production company apart from the rest?

  • A good video production company will understand the industry you are in. Check out their portfolio – do you see videos related to your industry?
  • A good production company will also do separate research to help develop your message. They will be asking lots of questions asked about your target audience and business goals in order to assist in communicating your company’s message.
  • They should also help develop measurables for the video and will provide recommendations on where to distribute it. Your success is their success.

Hiring a video production company is a great way to achieve success within your content strategy. Incorporating these 5 tips equips your business with the tools to ensure ROI. Continue learning! Download our ebook: Calculating the ROI of Online Video below.

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