• Will It Blend? To promote their line of blenders, the creative geniuses at BlendTec established a YouTube channel completely dedicated to placing items in their blenders and testing whether or not the blender was strong enough to grind them. Some items that they’ve tried blending include the world’s largest gummy bear (over 5 pounds!) and silly putty. The video of the BlendTec guys blending an iPad quickly went viral and is one of their most viewed videos to date.
  • Vat19. The marketing team at Vat19 wisely invested in YouTube marketing when the site first launched. Now, YouTube is one of the main drivers to their online store where they sell a variety of novelty gift items. Their videos are humorous in nature and are all structured as a 2 minute or shorter infomercial. Their video for the world’s biggest gummy worm is their most viewed video to date.
  • IQQU. Michelle Phan began as an independent YouTuber who made videos giving fashion and makeup advice. After her videos began gaining popularity and she established a following, Phan created IQQU – her own line of beauty products. Michelle continues to make YouTube videos and has been watched over 150,000 million times.


If you’re considering establishing your brand on YouTube, studying how numerous other brands did it will help you generate ideas to create a regularly watched channel. YouTube works because of the viral nature of videos and the ease of sharing a video. For those who aim to produce helpful “how to” videos, the search engine function of YouTube will help those videos earn views over time.

Since video allows consumers to see a face along with the content, it humanizes your brand, and also allows you to communicate with potential customers in a way that written content can’t. YouTube also gives you an advantage over competitors, as most businesses have Facebook and Twitter but very few have utilized YouTube. Also, the opportunities to create professional-looking videos have improved since the popularity of the internet.

YouTube videos also help general SEO campaigns. Because YouTube is owned by Google, videos rank without much SEO work having to be invested. Videos also tend to have stable conversion rates. YouTube also gives viewers the opportunity to subscribe to your channel for more content. As you build a subscriber base, you will notice it becomes easier and easier for your business’ video to gain views because you have an established following.

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