While it’s certainly important to avoid wasting time cannonballing immediately into a new feature, the reality is that Instagram video has proven to be an extremely valuable trend. The nature of short-form content makes items more shareable and thus more likely to go viral, even if promotional in nature. Think of Instagram videos as advertisements that consumers actually want to watch.

Below, we highlight our top 10 favorite examples of brands successfully using Instagram video. What can you learn from this ever-growing trend?

1. Lululemon. With over 1,000 posts on their Instagram page, Lululemon was one of the first brands to engage with Instagram video. By focusing on the active lifestyle instead of any one sport, they’re able to maintain an impressively engaging page based on a visual medium.

2. Burberry. As one of the largest names in fashion, Burberry’s newest clothing lines are highly anticipated by high-end consumers and the fashion industry alike. Burberry has successfully used Instagram video to build interest surrounding their upcoming 2014 Men’s Clothing Line.

3. Charity: Water. Bringing a charity to life can be a difficult task, but Charity: Water has successfully used Instagram Video to tell its story. Through video, caption, and imagery, Charity: Water has been able to successfully promote campaign after campaign to great success.

4. Now This News. Let’s be honest, who has time for the 24/7 news cycle? Not only is it frustrating to watch current events unfold, but sometimes it feels like you have to watch the news consistently to fully understand a story. Fortunately, Now This News uses Instagram Video to quickly share a news story in just a few seconds. Who ever said watching the news had to be a chore?

5. Starbucks. Those coffee hipsters have always been technologically savvy and ahead of the times – and we love it! Check out this neat video that showcases the creative editing capabilities that are available on Instagram video!

6. Michael Kors. Sometimes it can be difficult to build momentum for a social media campaign, but using short form content such as Instagram video is an excellent way to build excitement and gain exposure. Michael Kors is a prime example of using short video to launch a campaign. #InstaKors

7. Victoria’s Secret. Ever struggle with putting together an outfit? Victoria’s Secret shows their secret to matching your undergarments and bathing suit options with a short and fun-to-watch Instagram video.

The key to effectively using Instagram video is to be as entertaining and original as possible. After all, social media is an opportunity to extend your brand identity and build a visual image that consumers can easily associate with your brand.