Worried about the cost of video marketing? Well, it turns out that strategic video marketing can actually lower the total cost of your advertising campaigns. Through repurposed content, making videos on a budget, and maximizing your ROI, you can ensure that your brand enjoys the marketing power that video has to offer.

The benefits of video marketing include:

  • Brand personality. Video marketing allows you to show your brand’s personality to consumers without having to meet them face-to-face. Forging a strong emotional connection increases the likelihood that the viewer will convert into a paying customer.
  • Videos are searchable content. When properly optimized, videos are just as searchable and SEO friendly as written content. This makes video a compelling choice to add to your brand’s content library.
  • Viewer engagement. Did you know that viewers are more likely to watchan entire online video than they are to read an entire page of content? The potential impact on consumers should not be underestimated.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of video marketing is that all of these benefits can actually lower your total advertising costs. The power of video content makes the investment worth it, especially as it strengthens your entire marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Content Repurposing Reaches More Consumers
While video marketing opens many creative opportunities for your brand, it should still mesh in with the rest of your marketing strategy. Since all consumers react differently to different stimuli, video marketing ensures that you reach the most people. Some consumers are visual, while others are readers. Some prefer skimmable content; others prefer detailed write-ups. Whatever their preference, it’s important that your brand meets consumers on their turf.

Furthermore, emphasizing (or repurposing content) through different mediums maximizes the reach of your content. Some people who downloaded a PDF white paper, for instance, may have missed your recent video upload. Publishing content through different mediums also gives your brand the chance to cross-promote your other content presentations. This leads consumers through the sales funnel and strengthens your greater marketing strategy.

Video Generates an Emotional Connection
Video is more likely to create an emotional connection with viewers than any other form of content. Why does this matter? Because we know that emotions are what drive consumers to action. In fact, a report by Psychology Today reveals that consumers rely more on emotions and feelings to make a purchasing decision than anything else. That’s a pretty powerful fact, if you truly think about it.

And aside from making a purchase, a strong emotional connection increases the likelihood that a consumer will share the video on their social media platforms. So what does this mean for brands? The more emotionally connected you become with consumers through video, the greater your ROI, as consumers convert into paying customers and share the video with their friends. This results in lower advertising costs for you and creates momentum behind your ongoing marketing campaigns.

Even if your marketing budget is limited, it’s critical to fully consider the power that video content can add to your marketing campaign. From company overview videos to explanatory videos, training videos to call-to-action videos, filmed content is powerful and drives action.

Is your brand taking full advantage of video content?