“Freedom Equals” is a short, trailer-like film, portraying what inspires me to create, freedom. It walks through a variety of different means of creation; including everything from striking a thought, to using my hands to build. It’s stepping away from one medium of art making, and getting involved in another, that influences an idea for a new creation.

The question of what inspires me is one I thought about for awhile before developing a concept for this film. I wanted to develop a piece that was honest and raw. I wanted to be able to be myself. The idea that I kept going back to was the thought of freedom, as well as restrictions, in the creative process. There have been many projects in my life that have smothered my creative freedom, whether from certain restrictions or from a lack of risk a project can take. On the other hand, there are times where a project is a complete blank canvas, open to risk-taking and trying something new. This “world” is where I work best. This is usually where my art making takes a leap of faith and leverages to the next step. It’s in the freedom I’m given where I discover something new, something different.

In this piece, my goal was to allow time for each segment of inspirational freedom to breathe, so that the viewer can really take in the thought behind the shot and text. Each segment is a chance for me to express visually, and through typography what inspires me to create. The way I am inspired by each of the different forms of creation feed into one another. The freedom I’m given to listen to music or go sightseeing, allows me to see something in a new way or put images to sound waves, and translate those to a different medium. Every form is inspiration and thus leads me to another.

The end is abrupt, and that is intentional. I am very inspired by the films or music tracks that leave me thinking, and wanting more. That feeling is something I wanted to achieve with this piece and led to the decision to end it how it does. It might leave some viewers with an uneasy feeling, but I guess I have the freedom to do that. Freedom is my inspiration. What’s yours?

My hope for viewers is that they become inspired to be honest with themselves when creating. Also to seek freedom and run towards it in their process, and to take risks. Let this piece be an inspiration to create, no matter what medium you use, and to be influenced by other forms of creation. Create for a cause you can stand behind and be proud.