After the using the Tilta Rig for a few projects I wanted to highlight my favorite features and overall thoughts. In a previous post I discussed in detail all the components of the rig. You can read that here. We wanted to provide a video showing off the rig and even show a shot we got from it.

Check out my thoughts on the rig:

You can find out more about this rig and other Tilta gear at ikan and Tilta’s official site.

The shot you saw is part of a passion project which 522 Sponsored. From the 522 team we had Chris as the director, Anthony as the lighting director and myself as the cinematography. You can watch and read more on that at

I am always open to questions and comments. You can reach me @RobRuscher, or our company @5twentytweet and questions for ikan can be reached @ikancorp.

For our gear heads (like myself) out there we shot this review with the Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC). I really enjoyed the results and had so much to work with in post production in terms of coloring. Hoping to use this camera more!