March was a busy month for video marketers—industry leaders reviewed everything from the value of video marketing to outcome measurement, and one thing was clear: As marketers keep honing their craft to suit audience preferences, video is emerging as the preferred method of reaching customers. If you’re interested in utilizing video, these top five video marketing posts can help prepare your brand to tackle the rising demand for visual content.

1. ReelSEO

As a definitive source for all things SEO, ReelSEO didn’t disappoint this month with their article, “Video Content Marketing vs. Static Content Marketing.”After pointing out video marketing’s rise in popularity over the past year, ReelSEO recaps the best ways to incorporate video into your marketing campaign. Specifically, this article identifies the use of recorded interviews with thought leaders, advertisements featuring “real people,” and how-to videos as the most effective video marketing tactics.

2. Business 2 Community

March was a busy month for the folks at B2C, who discussed top video marketing metrics. While many marketers can get caught up in the production and distribution of video content, this post reminds readers that it’s still necessary to regularly measure results. Between earned media, click-through rate and completion rate, this post gives marketers insight into effectiveness. The author recommends measuring engagement by tracking shares, likes, and content-related conversations, and emphasizes the importance of measuring placement performance to optimize video publishing platforms for your audience.

3. ClickZ

This month, the team at ClickZ offered a refresher on video marketing SEO. For video marketers, both search engine visibility and accurate targeting of a brand’s audience are important. According to the article, video has a large impact on purchase habits, enhances understanding of a product or service, and serves as an information resource. ClickZ’s article reviews the pros and cons of self-hosted videos vs. third party hosting as they relate to established video marketing goals.

4. Search Engine Journal

The experts at Search Engine Journal released one of March’s top video marketing posts, “Back to Basics: How to Craft Your Video Marketing Strategy.” A great guide for beginners and those seeking a change in current strategies, this post reviews the need to distribute video on multiple channels based on audience preference. It points out the value of visibility on popular video social media sites like YouTube and Vimeo and recommends creating videos with the goal of providing value, as opposed to viral potential.

5. Duct Tape Marketing

March offered a breath of fresh air from the team at Duct Tape Marketing, who reminded video marketers that going viral is not what video should be all about. The urgency to engage with customers in a valuable way can be lost when brands focus on creating viral content. Duct Tape Marketing suggests videos should be created with the goal to solve a problem, address a need, and deliver helpful information. In case anyone was wondering if going viral was a prerequisite to success, Duct Tape Marketing’s post sets the record straight.

In your opinion, which article was the most helpful for video marketers?