From real earthquakes to quakes of embarrassment, March 2014’s trending videos have been about capturing real-time events and tickling viewers’ funny bones. Here are the top five videos that emerged victorious this month:

1. KTLA St. Patrick’s Day Earthquake

Whether the world was upset that a newscaster wasn’t wearing green, or whether this year’s St. Patty’s Day celebration in Los Angeles was just that good, KTLA’s footage from 03/17/14 disrupts an otherwise average day with an earthquake. Measuring a 4.4 magnitude, the earthquake came as a shock to KTLA employees, viewers at home, and others in the immediate area. Footage of the earthquake was captured while it happened during a regular broadcast. Since the video’s release, it has received nearly 13 million views. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the chaos below.

2. “First Kiss”

For nearly three and a half minutes, viewers cringe at the awkward situation set up by the team at Wren. Entitled “First Kiss,” the company paired 20 strangers in a room to capture their first kiss. From sweaty palms to avoidant gazes, each couple struggles to maintain composure before finally kissing for the first time in front of millions. While responses to the video have been mixed, it has earned over 66 million views since its March 10th debut. If you’re not afraid of witnessing awkward moments, prepare yourself for over 3 minutes of creative genius.

3. The Ice Cream Van

Many people aren’t really sure why this video is so funny, but in less than 30 seconds it will have tears rolling down your face. Posted originally for members of the subjects’ family, this short video of two young, clumsy boys has received more than 8 million views on YouTube since its March 9th release. The video’s popularity shows that spontaneous humor is embraced just as much as a well-planned production. To check out the two toddlers who have the internet ROFLing, play the video below:

4. Disney and Pixar Sings “Let It Go”

For those questioning whether Disney and Pixar can still entertain kids of all ages, the answer is yes. A multi-character rendition of “Let It Go” by Brian Hull features characters from both Disney and Pixar, including Jack Sparrow, Monsters, Inc. characters, and everyone’s favorite table accessories from Beauty and the Beast. After covering more than 20 different Disney voices, Brian Hull finishes the song with a bang by impersonating Disney’s famous mouse-scot. Overall, the video soared past 7 million views in a single week.

5. Top 3 Worst Animal Parents

Everyone loves animals. The internet is filled with cute animal videos ranging from kittens to baby penguins, but lots of viewers still crave “real life” from animal videos. Enter March’s “Top 3 Worst Animal Parents” video. By giving a rundown of three different animals and their questionable parenting habits, this video caught the attention of over 4 million viewers in less than seven days. Are you curious about the animal kingdom’s worst parents? Check out the video below.

What was your favorite trending video in March?