February’s trending videos have been interesting, humorous, weird, and downright frightening. In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of the top five.

1. Shanghai Tower (650 Meters)

Released February 12th, Shanghai Tower has already received over 28 million views on YouTube. It didn’t come from a global brand or a well-established channel, either. Instead, two Russian daredevils filmed their 650-meter journey to the top of Shanghai Tower in China. Surpassed in height only by Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Shanghai Tower was completed in 2013 and soars 2,000 feet above China’s most populated city. View the death-defying ascent below.

Why it’s trending: For over five minutes, there are no special effects or safety nets to be found – this climb is the real deal.

2. Durham Academy Weather Announcement

Ice, sleet, and snow plagued North Carolina residents in February, but it’s refreshing to know that school officials can still have a sense of humor. Since its release on February 12th, Durham Academy’s Vanilla Ice-inspired weather announcement has received nearly 5 million views on YouTube. Donning ski goggles and a patriotic sweater, the Head and Assistant Head of Durham Academy announced their school closure in a rendition of “Ice, Ice Baby.”

Why it’s trending: Even if you’re not a fan of Vanilla Ice, you have to admire their ability to replace his lyrics with a weather-related message.

3. Sinkhole Security Camera Footage

It’s not every day that a random natural disaster is caught on film. Early in February, two Corvettes were swallowed up by a large sinkhole that formed inside the National Corvette Museum. The 48-second surveillance video of nature’s power and unpredictability quickly went viral, earning over 7 million views. Fortunately for employees, the museum was closed at the time the sinkhole formed, and no one (save two mint condition Corvettes) was injured.

Why it’s trending: The unbelievable footage sparked mixed responses from viewers including amazement, fear, and a few comparisons between Corvettes and match box cars.

4. Star Wars OL

February welcomed the winter Olympics to Sochi, capturing the attention of fans around the world. Five short days after the games began, a Danish television station took the opportunity to add a little humor and excitement to the competition footage. Using scenes from Star Wars, the creators made it appear as though an Olympic skier were being attacked by the Empire’s forces.

Why it’s trending: take popular scenes from of the best-selling movies of all time, combine them with Olympic footage, add some special effects, and you have a video over 4 million people can’t resist.

5. Ellen in Bruno Mars’ Ear

After his stellar performance at the Super Bowl, Bruno Mars appeared on Ellen and was coerced into becoming Ellen’s accomplice in a prank. Bruno met with a nurse, reportedly for a “sore throat,” and was only allowed to repeat whatever Ellen said into his earpiece. Published on February 10th, the 7-minute long video captures the nurse’s confused reactions to Bruno’s strange behavior and his not-so-successful attempts to stifle laughter.

Why it’s trending: With over 4 million views, it’s clear that pranks still dominate the viral video charts.

What was your favorite trending video in February?