To get a clear picture of the type of video content to create for the real estate industry, review the following tips.

Highlight Corporate Information

Recent statistics reported by Zabisco indicate the brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. Whether you work for yourself or for an agency, developing a video highlighting the value of your unique brand is a great way to inspire potential customers to learn more. Compared to a website or to printed information, visual content has been shown to reach more customers.

Digital Home Walk-Throughs

Savvy real estate professionals have come to learn that digitizing the home walk-through process saves time and money and attracts more interested buyers. Traditionally, real estate agents hold lengthy open houses, during which they enthusiastically greet each guest and provide numerous tours of the property. By recording the walk-through and posting it online, agents are able to provide interested customers with a visual summary of the property’s main features.

Present Information Regarding the Purchase Process

Another way to incorporate video into your marketing strategy is to summarize information related to the sale or purchase of a home or commercial property. Does your audience need to know about recent changes in property law or in the market in general? Would your audience benefit from an introduction to the process of property purchase or sale? As a real estate agent, do you have tips to share about staging a home for sale? These topics are the foundations for engaging, useful videos.

Publish Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful tool for any business owner, especially a real estate agent. By capturing real customer testimonials, you’re able to effectively communicate the value of your brand to potential customers. As with any business, clients at the beginning of the sales funnel want to know exactly what makes your brand worthwhile. With the use of customer testimonials, it’s not up to you to do the convincing. Let your satisfied clients do it for you.

Use Video in Email Campaigns

Believe it or not, including video content (or at least a screenshot with a link) within emails has the potential to increase click-through rates by more than 90%. For real estate agents, repurposing video by including a link in emails promises to generate more brand exposure and engage qualified leads.

Get Creative

For real estate agents, video marketing provides a great opportunity to get creative. In order to use video marketing wisely, carefully review your ideal customers and think about industry-related questions they might have. Then, use visual content and your expertise to speak directly to your audience’s needs. When it comes time to choose an agent, you’ll be at the top of their list.

Given these ideas, how likely are you to use video marketing in your real estate business?