Recently, I came across a series being developed by Nissan Motor Co. that captures the development of a brand new racing car. The series is scheduled to have new episodes every two weeks and is designed to show the challenges of bringing a brand new model to market.

Now, I know that not all companies have the same budgets as Nissan. However, using this approach can provide a company with a number of advantages over using other marketing methods.


One of the advantages of using a web video series is that it can be more cost efficient than a large, big-budget single project. Typically, the biggest cost associated with a video production project is the cost of production (i.e., filming). Depending on the level of quality that is required for the project, the cost can vary significantly. However, if the content is planned effectively, organizations can spread the costs of production across several web video segments. After that, the company can then share the video with prospects and customers in other ways for very little investment. If the video is good, it could be shared with others and eventually go viral.


Another big advantage of using a video series to promote a product is that it allows the company to build an inventory of content. By focusing on shorter web videos, a company can build a library of highly-focused content for their online audience. The video segments can then be sprinkled throughout the organization’s site and supplement other content. Ultimately, the library of web videos helps improve conversions throughout the website.


One of the advantages of creating a web series is that you can grow your audience over time. By developing a steady stream of web video content, you have the ability to reach out to your audience periodically. Therefore, the pressure to hit a grand slam isn’t so great with the first video.


In addition to growing your audience over time, you also have the ability to refine your message with a series. Let’s face it, the world changes every day. Your audience’s perception also changes. So, your messages need to be aligned with your audience. A series allows you to create a blend of content that includes both evergreen and time-sensitive videos.


In today’s society, people are bombarded with advertisements from every direction. They see ads when they turn on the TV, hear them on the radio and see them on billboards. Many people are even starting to receive advertisements via text message on their phones. Because of this, many people tune out advertisements because they are so used to them. By creating a web video series, you can actually make something that has a high entertainment value. If you entertain your prospects before hitting them with pure advertising, they will usually be much more receptive to the message. This gives you a better chance of being able to reach people instead of just sending your ads out to fail from the beginning.


Ultimately, a web video series gives you the opportunity to reach your audience on a consistent basis. You can build an inventory of content for your website, grow your audience over time and entertain your potential customers…..all at an affordable cost.

And, if you haven’t checked out the DeltaWing, take a look at the video below.