A few days ago, Baljeet Singh officially moved the program out of the beta phase and announced the launch of Google AdWords for video. The new program allows businesses of all sizes to immediately reach the 800 million monthly YouTube visitors or the millions of other websites on the Google Display Network.
After reviewing the program in more detail, the interface is very similar to the traditional version of AdWords. Here are a few features to note:

  • Targeting – Users have the ability to target their ads towards specific audiences. For example, you can identify geographic locations, specific demographics and set other variables.
  • Budgeting – If you’re at all familiar with AdWords, then you are aware of how budgets are defined. With Google AdWords for video, your campaign manager has the ability to set the maximum unit price and monthly budget.
  • YouTube – Your video ads are selected from the YouTube network. One of the easiest ways to get started is to simply select a video from your channel.
  • Ad Formats – There are four main ad formats to choose from including in-search, in-slate, in-display and in-stream. Users have the ability to have an “automatic” setting or you can choose which formats you feel are best for your campaign.
  • Call to action – Similar to a normal text ad, Google allows you to select a destination url when users click on the ad. So, you can create targeted videos and direct viewers to a specific area of your site.

For a closer look into how the program works, checkout Google’s video below.