For most shoots, we like to have as much depth and height as possible. A larger room (at least 15′ x 20′) gives us flexibility with lighting and camera angles. However, in some cases, we are limited with access and have to use the environment available to the crew. In situations where we have a tight fit, our production crew considers several items to ensure we get the most out of a small space. Recently, we ordered two of the ikan ID508 Led Studio Lights and they are amazing. The battery powered feature make these great for all projects that involve small spaces, multiple locations and broll. Here are some of the considerations when given a small space to shoot:

1) Minimize use of large lights & other equipment (LED lights such as the iKan 508 are great for this situation)
2) Use battery-powered equipment (in order to avoid wires, etc. from being everywhere)
3) Locate a staging area (avoid having too much equipment in the shooting space)
4) Arrange a location scout to be sure you bring enough equipment and even to not bring too much
5) Set up a charging station in another room or in a hallway
6) Be sure that the client lets everyone on the floor aware of what is happening and when


Lets dive into some more details about how using LED lights can benefit your next video shoot:

Small Spaces

Most likely, your office was not made to shoot video in. Large lights not only take up room, but also give off heat. With battery powered LEDs we can stick the lights where they need to be with out taking up half the office or hallway. They also don’t give off heat which keeps everyone comfortable. The last thing you want is your CEO sweating at his desk. Depending on the ceiling, we also have the option to hang the lights which will completely open the space. Again, with no heat, we can lay the lights on the ground to light areas we would not have been able to otherwise. This gives us more creativity and gives you a higher production value.

Battery Powered

A frustrating part of broll is finding a great spot but with no outlet to power lights. Luckily, these lights can run on batteries. This gives our creative director more options to make sure we are shooting in areas that help tell the story without worrying if there is an outlet close by. Along with more location options it allows for faster setup times and puts more focus in making the scene look as good as possible. Another door that these lights open is the possibility to shoot outdoors. How great would it be to shoot on the roof of your building and show off the view will still being able to see the talent? The key to these lights is options.


The ikan ID508s give off a very natural look. You can see below screen shots from our shoot in Europe. I love the look and feel that these lights give. As you can see they work great for interviews as well. The ‘daylight’ color temperature goes perfectly with windows which helps boost the natural look and feel. If you want a more dramatic look we can add color gels and adjust the color balance in camera and in post.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.28.34 AM

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.28.11 AM


Time is valuable. Both yours and ours. The fact that in one hand I can carry a camera in one hand and a light in the other, allows us to move from one location to the next will give us more time to shoot. If we are shooting and we want the background to be more noticeable, we can quickly throw a light that offers great results.

We have a full range of lights depending on the project and having portable lights can really add a great look for your next video. Whether traveling, dealing with small places or shooting tons of broll, these lights will allow for professional looking video where others would have to sacrifice due to the circumstances.