I want to clear up a few things first about Creative Cloud. When you log on to Creative Cloud, you are presented with the list of application in your subscription. For us, since we have been members of the Cloud for the past year, we are able to see both CS6 and CC programs. Adobe gives us the choice to upgrade to the new CC programs, or stick with the CS6 programs as they are still available with in the application manager. This should satisfy those who typically don’t upgrade when the tech is brand new. On the same topic, installing the CC programs don’t uninstall the previous CS6 programs. So you can have both programs installed simultaneously and have backwards compatibility. So as it stands, CC works exactly liked the boxed CS versions did with respect to multiple installs. I can’t confirm if new subscribers to CC will get access to CS6 apps.

Last time I erroneously mentioned that CC’s only cloud feature was the ability to download the apps from adobe, well that is not true. Adobe now allows you to save your perferences to the cloud so that when you’re working from multiple computers you are able to have your preferences, all without the hassle of carrying around a flash drive and copying and pasting preferences. On the same note, it allows you to sync preferences between different creative cloud accounts. So far for me it has been a godsend, because I like to have the same setup at home as well as at work, and also for those times where I travel and need to work.

When browsing through the creative cloud product library I noticed quite a few applications, of which I was not aware. For example, Adobe Scout, which is used for SWF games, or In Copy, which seems to compliment In Design. I like the fact that I get all of these apps, but the list is pretty overwhelming. Essentially, I am starting to understand what 2 and 3 program users were saying about paying for applications they will never use.

As a motionographer here at 522, I want to give my impression of the new After Effects and touch on some of the new features of Premiere, once i’ve had the time to work through an entire project with the programs. As it stands I, like many other people are excited about the AE C4d integration, as well as the new roto tools. So expect to hear back from me in the next few weeks.