Despite the meteoric rise of data and statistics, more often than not, in business trust is still king. If your potential client or buyer doesn’t trust that you’re the right fit, you’re not going to be providing them with your product or service. We’ll explore a few of the primary reasons video is critical in building a foundation of trust for your brand.

Trust is built by establishing an emotional connection with someone. It’s built through effective communication and delivering on your promises. That’s why it’s essential that you begin establishing the foundation of trust as early as possible. Video provides one of the most effective ways that you can begin establishing a trust with your buyers.

First off, a well-crafted video offers the ability to explain your brand’s mission or clearly articulate your company’s values in a way few other marketing initiatives can. This is critical because during the decision-making process Buyers establish a report with a variety of companies that provide the product or service they need. Often times they ultimately wind up selecting the company that just feels… right. Factors like cost and time become less of a sticking point if your buyers trust that you provide them with the best option.

One of the most basic components to building trust occurs when Buyers form a connection with a brand that aligns with their personal beliefs. A video that passionately sets forth your company’s values in a meaningful way enables you to connect with those individuals. State your company’s mission. Talk about why you were founded. Discuss what drives your Leadership team and your employees. A Mission or Values video enables you to connect with them on these basic levels.

A second critical element in forming the foundation of trust occurs when you show your buyers that you’re experts. But don’t shove it down their throats. Words don’t mean anything if you don’t have the capability to back it up. And be careful. Don’t brag about what you do – many find that off-putting. Simply let Buyers know that you understand their needs. That you get their marketplace and their situation. Let them see first hand that you’re in touch with their pain points – that you understand their biggest problems. Then, describe what drives your team to solve those problems.

A Mission or Vision video empowers you to do just that. They enable you to show what motivates your team. You can capture the excitement on their faces as they solve your clients’ biggest issues. This will get potential Buyers nodding their heads before they even reach out to you and make them feel that much more compelled to reach out to you.

Lastly, if no one is going to work with you if they don’t like you. An About Us or Company Culture video allows you to show off your team and what makes them unique. Are you fun and energetic? An upbeat, playful culture video can convey these characteristics – and still convey a sense of professionalism. If you take pride in the work that you do, showcase the dedication and commitment of your team with a passionate Mission Video. Whatever your company’s identity, show off the side of your company that gets your Buyers thinking, “I want to work with them!”

No matter what you call it – an Overview Video, Mission Video, About Us Video, etc. – video is the ideal medium to express why people should connect with your brand.