Of course, this isn’t to say that there’s no room for creativity in your video marketing – in fact, there’s plenty of opportunities in today’s marketplace for unique video content. However, content marketing strategies have moved so fast, perhaps we’ve all moved right past the key strategy. For successful video marketing for your business, remember the basics:

  • What are the customers’ problems? What’s keeping them agitated or up at night?
  • Is my content creating conversation about the problem and the solutions my business can provide?
  • How can I measure that conversation with data?

Unless you can answer these questions about your video marketing, chances are that you’ve focused too much on the technical aspects of filming, uploading, and sharing a video. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we have to focus on the content as well!

To focus on the basics in video marketing, be sure to:

  • Consider what type of video you will make. From how-to videos to demonstrative videos to entertainment videos, there’s a wide range of video categories that your video marketing can fall into. Think about what relates best to your niche and the audience that you’re trying to reach. Also, remember that you want your business to be the go-to source with better content. To keep people coming back to your video content instead of your competitors, be sure to upload videos that add value to the customer and aren’t focused on trying to close a sale.
  • Answer the main question for your audience. If a viewer is watching your video, the large unspoken question is, “How can you help me?” Unless you answer this question quickly and concisely, chances are that the viewer will stop watching and go elsewhere. It’s tempting to talk about your business and products in the video – after all, it’s your video marketing content! But you want to keep the focus on the consumer.
  • Have an outline. In today’s digital world, consumers are well-versed in YouTube content. In other words, you want your videos to stand out as some that are well planned and thoughtful. This will distinguish your business and build a fundamental level of trust with your customers.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your video onto YouTube or any video platform, you’ll want to engage beyond the video content. Give your customers a chance to see who you are and why they should purchase from you. Just like any other aspect of your social media marketing, try to promote the video content across all your platforms to maximize views and create a social strategy that is in sync with all other elements. With these tips, you’ll be better armed as a small business owner looking to grow your business through video content!