5 Reasons to Invest in an Explainer Video


While it may sound like common sense, it’s important to remember that a consumer isn’t going to purchase your products unless they know exactly what the products do. If your products or services are confusing, it’s vital to explain what your services are and why they matter. By defining how you can help consumers solve their problems, you’ll be able to effectively improve conversion rates. While a how-to video shows consumers how they can better their lives with your products, services, and expertise, an explainer video clearly and simply communicates what problems your business tackles and how you solve them for the consumer.


<h3>Reasons that you should invest in an explainer video include:</h3>

  1. Improved conversion rates. Remember, confused minds won’t have a need to purchase your product, so you want to answer as many questions as possible about your services in the video. By simply, cleanly, and quickly explaining your objective, you’ll be able to reach customers that are legitimately interested in the solutions that you have to offer. By clarifying the objective of your product, you can generate increased interest that results in improved conversion rates. In fact, recent studies have shown that conversion rates can improve by over 100 percent as a result of a well-produced explainer video.
  2. Investing with a high return. With increased conversion rates, you’ll certainly see the return of your investment in an explainer video. With so many marketing opportunities beckoning your business’s attention, it’s important to choose the marketing solutions that yield the highest rate of return. If you’re working on a limited budget or simply want to budget wisely, it’s important to consider the return on investment of any marketing opportunity. With a track record of doubling conversion ratesfor many businesses, it might be worth investing in an explainer video!
  3. Attracting consumer attention. In today’s society that’s oversaturated with advertisements, consumers tune out marketing whenever they have the chance. Because explainer videos allow you to promote your brand and services without being sales-y, customers are more willing to pay attention and remember your business in a positive light. Furthermore, customers that are truly intrigued are likely to want to learn more on their own and even talk about your brand to their friends.
  4. The opportunity to entertain. Check out this explainer video from Alternative.ly. What makes this video successful is its ability to evoke an emotional response and entertain the viewer at the same time. Despite all of these technical and creative considerations, the video does an excellent job of addressing the WHO-WHAT-WHY of their business. If you produce videos on YouTube on a regular basis, a strong explainer video will encourage viewers to check out your other content so that they can learn more about your brand.
  5. Letting consumers know you exist. Ultimately, the point of any marketing video is to let consumers know that your brand exists and explain why they should perform business with you. With an explainer video, you knock out both objectives with a single video, which in turn boosts your ROI!

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