Businesses are placing more emphasis on the importance of expressing their mission and company values to their audiences.

A clearly articulated company culture leads to a more driven and satisfied team – which leads to a better work environment… which leads to a better company! Now more than ever, organizations need to authentically express their mission, culture, and values to their audiences.

Businesses want to attract the best talent to suit their professional needs – and once that talent steps through the door, they want to keep them. Video offers the ideal platform to authentically connect with talent and clearly articulate the company mission, vision and values through not only audio, but by utilizing the power of visuals in tandem. So, what does it take to make a solid, attractive company culture video to do that?

Let your audience hear from the people who work there. For any recruiting video, it’s good to share not only executive and leadership perspectives, but best to also include your entry-level staff. Giving viewers a chance to hear from higher up displays their potential opportunities to grow, and hearing from entry-level folks gives them a more relatable insight.

Find out what drives your team and keeps them coming back day after day. Show them collaborating with colleagues, bonding with clients, or performing their daily tasks. You might even want to highlight personal hobbies that relate to your company’s culture.

Whatever you do, try not to put words in their mouths. Ask them genuine questions that allude the company values, mission & culture – let them say it in their own words. Have them describe the challenges they face and why they stick around to find solutions. An open and honest dialogue like this will go a long way towards attracting like-minded applicants.

Capture their stories, their perspectives, and give them the opportunity to share real-life examples that give viewers even deeper insight into every-day company life. One of the best examples is a Clark Construction Safety video we shot in 2018. Clark Construction wanted to genuinely connect with their viewers and share how important safety is to their company. So – we used employees in various job functions to share their perspectives on how safety is incorporated into their daily work lives & displayed in the company values. Viewers hear from executive level management and site managers – the best combination.

Having a universal brand voice ensures your message is cohesive and your company can be recognizable to your audience. If your visuals are here, and your messages are there, it’s going to be hard for your audience to not only grasp what you’re trying to say, but also remember you. Streamlining your voice promotes brand awareness & helps viewers understand your message.

For example, Savan Group, an IT Consulting firm in VA, captured their company culture in this Brand Anthem by including visuals like company work spaces, real-life employees, and even snacks! Think about utilizing graphics to spice things up – just like Sava Group. Graphics also provide an excellent way to describe complex processes, diversify the visuals and point out important points to your audience.

The Mercatus Center utilized animation to clearly and effectively explain how a complex healthcare policy works in this Scope of Practice Laws video in a visually appealing way – this is one of our favorites!

At the End of the Day, Be Authentic.

Authenticity in any video marketing strategy allows your organization to genuinely appeal to your audiences and attract clients & talent that know who you are – and want to be a part of that. Employee stories and streamlined messaging are effective strategies to do so.

Reach out to us if you’re looking to authentically connect.