A camera test between the Canon 5D Mark III and Sony F3



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In the 522 Productions studio we compared the Canon 5 Mark III and Sony F3 for an upcoming shoot. The goal was to find the camera that would give us the best look for a serious interview. The creative brief called for tight shots and we wanted to see every detail of the actor’s face.


Canon 5D Mark III

The 5D Mark III has made some huge improvements with functionality, includes a bigger screen and has audio recording capabilities. This camera is still not considered to look like a professional video camera, but it does have a professional look.

Sony F3

The F3 has a PL mount, and every output/input you would need. And personally, I’m a fan of the SxS cards. Navigating the menu takes some practice and since it is a bigger camera, it takes up more space.

The test and results

Originally I was rooting for the Mark III because I’m a fanboy of the DSLRs. But after shooting some test footage, I realized why the F3 was at the price point of $13,000.

The biggest difference between the cameras (other than the physical appearance) was in the lows. The 5D Mark III seemed to loose detail in the blacks even with an extremely flat profile. The F3 kept color in hair, for example and skin tones still looked great.

For this test and this shoot, the F3 was the winner. It is also a bonus to have all the professional inputs/outputs such as XLR and HD-SDI.

Which camera would you pick? Why?

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