1. Virtual tours. While nothing replaces being able to tour a property in person, many real estate agents and firms are taking advantage of virtual tours. These professional videos highlight the focal points in any home and showcase the best that the home has to offer. This is especially convenient for potential buyers, as they can eliminate and select houses they want to visit based on virtual tours, thereby saving the time and headache of visiting each house in person.
  2. Community overviews. Many real estate agents are also using videos to highlight key points in the community. The advantage of this video is that only one is needed to highlight the entire community, where as multiple videos are needed to highlight multiple houses. These videos cover the school system, places of worship, key points in the town, and other pertinent information.
  3. Testimonials. Purchasing a house is the largest investment that a person will likely make. Thus, many real estate agents and firms are investing in professionally filmed testimonial videos to showcase the satisfaction that they provide for clients time and time again. Testimonials are effective because they allow the potential buyer to envision himself or herself in the situation of a satisfied homeowner.
  4. Market analysis. Similar to the community overview, this type of video highlights the strength of the local housing market and explains the various factors impacting housing costs. This is generally a reflection of the local economy and is heavily reliant on statistics and hard data.
  5. Online commercials. More and more real estate agencies are utilizing online video to create commercials limited to the online world. These videos showcase the real estate company to an online agency and help spread the word about available services and the benefits of opting to work with that specific agency.

When you consider the fact that nearly 3 billion hours a month are spent on video sharing sites such as YouTube, then it makes sense that so many real estate companies are investing in this form of marketing. The popularity of online video shows no signs of showing down, and the businesses that poise themselves for success in video marketing now will reap the rewards as the industry grows.

Since real estate is an extremely visual commodity, it makes sense for realtors and agencies alike to take advantage of this visual medium in advertising. By varying your efforts and hiring a professional production company, you can ensure that your marketing videos are up to par and yield the results that you want and expect. To learn more about video marketing for real estate, be sure to contact us today! We’ve love the opportunity to speak with you!