5 Types of Videos for Nonprofits

October 29, 2020


You probably already know that nonprofits rely on donations and fundraising events (along with other initiatives) to carry on their important missions.

But did you know that 57% of people who view a nonprofit’s video content will actually make a donationThis is the reason why video can be so powerful and a great tool to implement into any nonprofit’s marketing strategy.

Not only can video be used to create an inspiring, meaningful, actionable virtual event that elicits donations, it can also be used to share your nonprofit’s mission and connect with even more people than those who typically interact with your organization. Video is a medium that can be used to build communities with similar philanthropic interests, which is important to nonprofits and their impact.

Older man walking with a support doctor.

You may be asking yourself – what kinds of videos make sense for my nonprofit organization? What initiatives would I even use video for? We got you.

An incredibly important part of garnering community support for your nonprofit organization is sharing your mission, how it can impact communities, and why it matters to you and to your supporters. Video is the best way to share your story, compiling audio storytelling and video storytelling to create an immersive and connected experience for the viewer. This is a video that may become central to communicating your organization’s mission across many groups of people. Share it on your homepage, social accounts, and in any introductions you make for new members, staff or volunteers. Use video to make a memorable impression, and humanize your organization to further connect with your audience.

In most cases, nonprofit organizations provide valuable resources for people in their communities. Whether it’s assistance for older adultsfood from local farms in an effort to end hunger, or housing and help for homeless youth, nonprofits provide important value in the communities they serve. Testimonials are a great way to not only recruit employees to help support your mission, but also to show the relevant communities the incredible impact your organization is making. This is the perfect way to show your audience why they should participate through donations, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Nonprofits may rely on events or fundraisers to gather donations that allow them to carry out their important work. For any event, video can play a critical role in engaging attendees, showcasing the work that’s been done in the community, and adding entertainment. Especially in a time where live events aren’t happening at large scale, organizations are relying on virtual events to replace their once-live events, and rely heavily on video throughout the program. In some cases, organizations will pre-record their talking portions to ensure the event is seamless and technical issues are avoided. Then they use chat and other video platform functions to maintain live engagement with the audience. Video can also be used to promote the event and drive registration ahead of time. Utilizing promotional videos, including shareable teasers of the event programming and other reasons your audience would want to attend will make a difference in the amount of attention your event garners.

It’s pretty obvious how important community is to any nonprofit organization. Community is the reason why and how nonprofits do what they do. Video can be used to inform your community about upcoming events, initiatives, and keep them involved in the work you’re doing. Share a 15-30-second update video across your social channels, or embed it in an email outreach, to update your community. Maybe include text-graphics or some animation to make it more engaging, depending on the message. Not everyone reads everything you share, but a fun, short video on their feed or in their email will capture their eyes and their ears!

After an event or fundraiser, expressing gratitude for those in your community that participated can be a great way to engage post-event. Plus, there’s a surprise benefit! The right post-event video will also help increase participation in your nonprofit and spread awareness about upcoming events/initiatives where they might want to participate. You can create a :30-:45-second thank you video using user-generated content collected from your employees, thanking your audiences for their gracious donations and attendance. Share it across your socials and in your email outreaches with a link to the recording, and watch your views increase even when your event is over.

local nonprofit organization help to feed the homeless, and anyone in need.

There are so many ways your nonprofit organization can utilize video in your marketing strategy. Not only does it help keep your audience and community connected and engaged, but it also drives attendance and attention to events and campaigns that help with fundraising and other important initiatives. At 522, we’ve worked with nonprofits to create videos that achieve their goals for 16 years. Check out some of our work with nonprofits, and give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.

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