Combining musical theater with the latest trends in pop music, Virgin America was able to create a Glee-style safety video that has everyone talking. As the larger Virgin brand continues to market to younger demographics, the video resonates with their customer profiles. And they’re just getting started. A message on a microsite announces auditions for dancers to be featured in their next video.

Not even 2 weeks after its upload, the video boasts 6 million views on YouTube and is still counting. But this isn’t the first time that Virgin America has gotten incredibly creative with their video marketing. So what is Virgin America teaching brands about eye-catching video?

  1. There’s more than one way to connect. By fostering an atmosphere of creativity, Virgin America is an excellent reminder that there are always new ways to connect with consumers. Even if you think the musical safety video is gimmicky in nature, you can’t deny the positive impact it’s had on the brand. Making videos that are fun to watch makes it easier to drive results.
  2. Production matters. One of the most prominent elements of the video is its incredible production value. In fact, some have already argued that the choreography, musical numbers, and artistic integrity outdo FOX’s Glee. As brands continue to raise the bar, it’s important to keep up with professional video production to keep your marketing relevant and timely.
  3. Integrated marketing works. Aside from releasing the video online, the airline offered 20 percent off flight tickets if they used the safety video hashtag. This is a reminder that while video marketing is important, it should be integrated with other elements of your marketing strategy. By creating a holistic, integrated campaign, you can ensure that your brand has a powerful impact on consumers.
  4. Reinvention catches attention. Part of the reason Virgin America’s safety video took off is because it was a new spin on an old tradition. By reinventing your all-too-familiar marketing wheel, it’s easier to stand out and gain traction with consumers. Remember, consumers crave fresh ideas. What is your brand doing to stand out?
  5. Anticipate the results. Virgin America anticipated that the musical safety video would go viral. In preparation, they created a microsite that people could visit after viewing the video online. Auditions for the next video are featured on the microsite. Similarly, brands should anticipate the result of their video marketing and lay the groundwork to harness increased traffic.

Even if your brand isn’t investing in a major musical production anytime soon, Virgin America is a powerful reminder of the creative potential in video marketing. As you plan your next video marketing campaign, consider the ways that you can be creative, even when it comes to more “serious” videos. The viewer response might surprise you.

How is your brand being creative to stand out from the crowd?