In today’s cluttered advertising world, brands are doing whatever they can to stand out. They take risks in their video marketing through prankvertising and shock value. When it comes to the holidays, though, traditional values matter to consumers. Controversial ads jar against the love and nostalgia that defines the holiday season.

The Bear and the Hare advertisement by John Lewis resonates with viewers because it expresses the joy and value of giving something memorable to others. In fact, within one week of its upload, the video has already amassed 7 million views on YouTube and has been mentioned in news broadcasts, radio shows, and morning television programs. People want to feel the heart of the holidays, which is why emotional video marketing works.


Consumers like being reminded of their childhood and that feeling of Christmas morning. Whether ads directly embrace nostalgia or reference it in their video content, it’s a surefire way to resonate with the viewer. Furthermore, some brands such as Coca Cola establish their own holiday traditions. For example, everyone expects polar bears to define the image of Coca Cola’s holiday branding.

When people see these images year after year, it’s a tradition that they can enjoy alongside the brands they support. Nostalgic advertising proves that though time changes, those warm feelings remain the same. The formula is simple, yet the impact is profound, which is why many brands such as Coke develop a holiday image and identity specific to this time of year.


One of the most exciting elements of a compelling advertisement is where the ending is delightfully unexpected. In the Christmas video above, viewers are led to believe that the young boy is impatient for Christmas because he can’t wait to open his presents. But at the end of the video as he scrambles by his own presents, it turns out that he can’t wait to give the perfect gift to his mom and dad.

Even though there’s a lot of nostalgia and tradition that surrounds the holiday season, there’s an incredible amount of room for creative twists. Brands that focus on emotional value tend to thrive during the holiday season.

Notice how each of these heartwarming holiday ads focuses on compelling storytelling instead of pushing a specific product or the brand itself. Through placing the value of the video in its ability to create an emotional connection with viewers, businesses can create a positive brand association that pays off for years to come.

Whether it’s in holiday video marketing or other efforts throughout the year, success boils down to the brand’s ability to make a lasting impression on consumers.

How is your brand defining its holiday video marketing?